Regardless of what you were told, the odds of you getting rich with multilevel are very low.

One of the big promises of any multilevel marketing system is “Financial Independence”. This only serves the purpose of not saying the words “get rich” which has some negative connotations. What is true is that, although we all enter into a multilevel business because of the money (even if you say your reason is another), the vast majority will not achieve the goal of making a fortune.

For those who are interested in knowing, my goal in multilevel is to become rich in money and everything else, not just “get” rich but “become” rich and we’ll see where the difference lies. Who has the same goals I do, I’ll be happy to pass my arm around their shoulders and say “ let’s do it ” , to all the others I wish all the best too, but you don’t play in my league.

See if this happened to you: You go to a convention, or you saw a marketing plan and did the math in your head: sponser 3 who sponsor 4, “n” percent plus “y” percent, it’s impossible not to get rich in a blink of an eye. Incidentally, you are very admired because there are many people who are in the business for 3, 4, 5 years and more, and they’re not rich. It seems impossible!
You got in the business, meanwhile time passes. A month passes, two, three, and you’re not much closer to wealth than before. Then you hear that Some Guy who had much success quit the business, and you don’t understand why it seemed so simple on paper, and after all it’s so difficult in practice. While some people who came long after you are having an incredible success and earing loads of money. You still see the tops in their company, more or less quickly reached the top and have the kind of life you dream to achieve for yourself and for your family. What ‘s going on, why among all the people some are so successful while others don’t seem to get anywere? And then you think : “what is the secret? If I knew the secret I could also be very successful and finally achieve my dreams.”

That’s the secret that I discovered after years of failure and that I will now reveal.

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