It’s cumum to call “guru” someone who knows a lot about a subject and teaches others. “Guru” means “one who illuminates” that dispels darkness.

In the sense of this article, it means “one who shows the way.”

So there are many experts who are called “gurus” because they know a lot about something and try to teach others to walk the same path they have traveled, avoiding the failures they would have if they were alone, without a guide.

For example: José Mourinho, recognized as the best football coach in the world, isn’t called a “guru”. Bill Gates, the richest man in the world for years isn’t either.

But Joe Vitale is called a “guru”, for example, and Ted Nicholas and Brendon Bruchard, Johnathan Bud, and anyone who knows what he’s talking about and tries to teach others.

That said, if you know about something thoroughly, you find people interested in learning (a market niche ) and have a way to make this knowledge reach them, you are a guru. If, added to this, as you know how to monetize that value contribution, you’re a guru that is very well paid.

This is what you will learn throughout these articles: how to illuminate the lives of others, gain recognition and appreciation and still make lots of money in the process.

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You have noticed for sure that in a situation some people’s opinions are worth more than others? The words that I say in relation to the performance of my town’s Football Team are not taken seriously by anyone who knows me, because everyone knows that my knowledge in this field is zero.

However, if the subject is internet marketing, many people are silent to listen to my opinion. It’s just how it is.

To have value, you need to be credible, but on the other hand, you are credible if you have value.

Why do many gurus die even before they are born?

Simply because that is a vicious cycle that’s difficult to break.

To have a chicken you need an egg and to have an egg you need a chicken.

We need to overcome this problem and lay our hands twards that which is common to the chicken and the egg: DNA.

All gurus have common “genes” between each other. Let’s see if you have them, and if you can find them.

The first indicator to find out if you have “guruism” in your genes is your emotion.

Let’s do a test. At the end you will have a classification that will give you a clue on this matter. I’ll tell you a story of the future. Visualize all that I’ll say.

Before we start make sure you have a handy hard cover notebook to take notes. As a friend said, “a small pencil is worth more than a large memory.” Have you got it? Let us move on.

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You already have an idea of ​​what a Guru is, right? It is the person who found a way, followed it (and fallows it) and teaches others this process. Visualize what for you is the ” ideal guru”:

  • What is his physical appearance? The size, the hair, the posture, the clothes he wears. Visualize his face, facial expression, lips, eyes.
  • What lifestyle does he have? How is his house? Where is it? What car does he drive? Were does he travel? With who? Whow much money does he have in his bank account?
  • How does he handle money? Were does he spend his money? Where does he invest? Who does he help volunteerly? How does he feel about ask for money in exchange for his services?
  • How does he take care of his health? What kind of diet does he follow? What is his lifestyle? Exercise? Stress? Sleep? Meditation?
  • How does he think? Does he let negative thoughts in his mind?Is he creative or mechanized? Does he think more about the past or the future? Does he study everyday?
  • Who does he hang out with? Do you think he chooses the people he’s surround by? Or doesn’t? What kind of people?
  • How does he organize your day? Does he have an agenda? Does he know how to establish priorities?
  • How does he deal with others? Is he patient? Generous? Is he genuinely concerned about helping? More than making money?
  • How does he plan? Does he have a life plan? A short-term plan and a long-term plan? Does he xecute that plan every day?

To complete the story of the future, we’re missing the phrase in a million, one that reveals the hidden truth.

The truth is this: That person you were to visualizing is yourself!

What you saw was your future as a “guru”! And with no crystal ball!

How do you feel about that? What emotions do you experience?

No need to think too much: either you have a positive or negative emotion. If your emotion is negative, think about what you have to change in order to have a positive emotion.

If (and when) your emotion is positive, you found your guru DNA and you have a very important role to play.

Don’t retract.

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