There is absolutely extraordinary people who have become recognized for being good people. True role models of conduct, life, way of being.

I like the example of Mother Teresa, an icon as a Guru of Model of Conduct. Received the Nobel Peace Prize, and hundreds of other international awards, acclaimed, revered by millions of people, she is one of the people I admire most and is for me a source of inspiration and reference in more ways than one. She is known for her amazing work with the poor and for being the founder of a religious order that is present in dozens of countries and involves tens of thousands of people promoting human dignity and quality of life both material and spiritual. Mother Teresa is as well known for her humanitarian work, as unknown in relation to the genius of her marketing, the perfect duplication system that has engendered and which allowed her to emerge from anonymity and collect funds with governments, businesses, multi-billionaires, and also with humble people. She managed a fund larger than the gross domestic product of many countries and is, to date, the woman who managed the most money in the history of mankind.

If you are gullible, or naive you may be shocked by the revelation that Mother Teresa was a top executive, knew marketing, was a player in the political landscape, a true mass leader and a powerful woman.

Of course she would have to be, otherwise her vision would have died even before she started.

She was a true Guru and with it came the Recognition, Appreciation and the money.

All with great abundance, that she ran with an iron hand, devoted to his mission.

If one day I had been able to talk to her about my passion for personal marketing, I would pay good money to have this possibility because, despite not having studied personal marketing at university, or had corporate practice, she was a recognized master in this subject. So she was regularly required to talk about things as diverse as global politics, environmental, economic and social.

Another fantastic example is the Dalai Lama. In completely different circumstances of Mother Teresa, the simplicity of this man and the wisdom that comes out of his words, make him a master invited to go everywhere. Revered and admired by all, he keeps alive the flame of independent Tibet. If I could talk to him about business, or Internet marketing, I would drink every word because his wisdom embraces all things somehow.

But we don’t need to go that far.

We have Model of Conduct Gurus really close to us, if we pay attention.

Who critiques you for asking for an opinion about a business to your mother, or your uncle who know nothing about business and never had one in their life, do not understand the role of a Guru of Model Conduct. Your father, your mother, your uncle, your neighbor, even bankrupt, even without the results, nor the knowledge coming from the study, may have something to say and something very important. They can, doesn’t necessarily mean, do.

A Model of Conduct Guru is a person of universal wisdom.

Might not even be an intellectual expert and might not even have the results in an aspect of life, but always brings something very important to you. Always has something to say about everything because it has a wisdom that underlies everything and passes everything.

“There are people who were lucky enough to do many things, to live here or there, in contact with these or those people, to go through such and such experiences. I had the great fortune of spending my teenage years with a person like that. From my 14 to my 19 years lived in a missionary seminary where I had an admirable master. A priest who looked much older than he actually was. He was not a psychologist and had neither training nor a special way to deal with teenagers.

I think that was why he did so well.

I remember that when I had a problem, I ask to speak with him. His availability was always absolute, no matter neither the date nor the time, and no matter what I said. The conversation, it was always the same: after I finished exposing my problem, he tore out and began to speak of little stories about missions in Mozambique where he had spent many years, even during the Portuguese colonial period. I do not remember any, and I do not remember, even once him addressing my issue. He didn’t talk about it. He spoke of what made him enthusiastic, the adventures and misadventures, of the dangers, hunger, travel, war, scarcity and abundance, the people (still spoke of them by name, one by one).

Somehow that relativized my life, suddenly I put it in perspective. Without realizing it at the time, he had a knack for blurring the problems, of relativizing and thus putting them in their place: something that had I to solve but which I did not have to worry about. “

I spoke here of a few examples, some super-famous and others prosaic, so you can see fit for that kind of Guru is this.

In terms of attraction marketing this is one of the most powerful.

His personality captivates, people identify with him, actively seek to be close to him, either physically or through materials: books, cds, dvd, blogs, videos, etc.. He has the ability to attract a very wide array of people, regardless of their social classes, creeds, religions, professions or races.

Now the million dollar question: “What about me? Could I be a Guru Model of Conduct”? The answer is obvious and is “yes.”
– “But I’m not good at being a saint!”

Well, then you’re already at an advantage because the saints are not gurus. They have recognition and appreciation but they don’t earn money from it.

We’re talking here about personal marketing, not religion, and if “you’re not going at being a saint”, you need to know one thing:




Some talk of the Internet as a means of communication, others of information, others of fun. We speak of the Internet as a platform for relationships.

When you relate yourself with someone, even over the Internet, you’re not relating “virtually”.

The relationship is real.

It is so real that it creates credibility, friendship, love, reputation, empathy, understanding, solidarity and the whole range of human emotions that characterize us.

A Guru of Model of Conduct is a beacon of ethics, responsibility, good practices, respect, caring, understanding, generosity, intelligence, effort, motivation, joy, dynamism, productivity, commitment, and all qualities that you cam remember.

Makes mistakes? Sure. Says one thing one today and says another tomorrow? Undoubtedly, has opinions and these change. Yet these facts are assumed and not concealed. An error is excused, a view that is outdated teaches that personal development is the mission of all.

This is the Guru of Personal Development. How do you can become one?

You need to grow, act and teach the art of inspiration.

This is the art of the human relationship to a deeper level.

Inspiration is not motivation. A motivator need not be a Guru of Model of Conduct, but rather an inspiring one. Motivation is the energy that comes out of work for a goal that excites you and fills you. Inspiration is the energy that comes from within and establishes a vision. Motivation is a driving force and inspiration is its creator.

When you motivate someone who is not inspired he will be willing to do anything, but will not know what to do. Ever heard of the “motivated idiot”? It’s him.

– Cultivating Goodness: ask yourself what makes you feel good. Become a better person every day. What does this mean? It means to cultivate thoughts and emotions that are in line with those qualities which we have listeed above when we talked of the Lighthouse of ethics.

Do not let jealousy or selfishness meddle because that’s the cat’s tail that stands out when it hides. You can not hide it: these inconsistencies come to the top, you will demonstrate them later or earlier as you expose yourself. Identify what qualities you already have. To acquire this make this simple exercise:

– Make a list of all the qualities that you think people admire in you.

– Make a survey of close family and friends and ask directly: “what do you admire about me?” (Strange as it may seem to them) and you thank them and take notes.

– Poit out 3 things that, looking back on your life, you may say that you did well done. Learn from the best, before being a Guru of Model of Conduct, you have to be a scholar and a practitioner of personal development. Read Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Sá Pessoa, Adelino Cunha. Chases books, cds, dvds, events and people. Become a Knowledgeable Guru and a practitioner.

– Act. You must distinguish what are the qualities (or values) and attitudes (action models).

Values ​​are what is behind these attitudes and actions.

Exemplified: A person gives alms to a poor. This is an action. Behind this action may be any number of attitudes: it may be an attitude of service because he’s generous and selfless (values), but may also be an attitude of superiority if that person is selfish and egocentric.

The attitude which you must be master of service.

Here comes all the qualities that serve you: generosity, altruism, patience, understanding, persistence and especially kindness.

I especially like this one because it is the fruit of this pair of virtues that we rarely see together: humility and self-esteem.

We could sit here and list everything that is good and can exist in human nature, but we would never leave. I hope this flock of qualities do not leave overwhelmed. You have to take into account something very important in this process: credibility. You will only be a Guru of Model of Conduct if you are 100% reliable and that, you Can only achieve by working hard at growing and putting it into practice these
values ​​and attitudes.

How to start acting correctly? Actions derive from what you are, but also have the power to shape you.

You know what to do and have good help from your consciousness:

You know when you help others, fulfill a duty, to do something positive for yourself, for the people around you. You know what to eat, how to take care of your health, your spiritual life. You know you need to give help to those who need and let other people help you. The main problem is the ego that makes you think you need to be more than others and you’ll be all diminished when you give everything you have and then some more.

Teaching. These human qualities are often addressed the scope of religion, but do not be fooled: they are marketing tools that are the most powerful and this is one reason for the great success of religions. What can you teach in this area? Ui! So much. What knowledge and experiences have you gotten that might serve as inspiration to others, helping them to create for themselves this inspiring vision? Your story is full of events and episodes that may have been dramatic for you, but they are inspiring to others. What distinguishes a Guru from an ordinary person is precisely the “teaching.” This is what makes a guru: a guru teaches. So what you have to do is go share your path with others and be congruent (what you say and what you do are in harmony).

You need not be a saint or perfect, you only need to study yourself, understanding human nature and have a strong desire to help others to move to the next level.

As already noticed, a guru is a guide, and a guide has to know where he’s going.

You need to know where you are going (re-read the chapter about “the why”). After you find out, you’ll share your discovery with others. You’ll show the same way, the “yellow brick road” to those who wish to follow in the same direction as you.

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