A habit is something you do regularly. It is said that 21 days are necessary and sufficient to create a new habit.

I don’t know if it really is so, but one thing is certain: whatever you do repeatedly becomes a habit.

Habits and routines go hand in hand. Are the way our mind evolves: much effort to do something new, then it gets increasingly easy until it becomes something that we don’t even think twice about.

Remember when you were learning to drive a car? What a mess of pedals and levers. On top of that you had to pay attention to what was going on out there on the road, on the side of the road, behind you, to the sides, predict the intentions of other drivers … stressful.

However, with practice, now you do everything and even more things simultaneously, without needing to even think about them. Driving a car has become a habit.

It is so with all things:

  •  first do something where you do not feel comfortable,
  •  then you integrate that in your routine and you become comfortable in the new situation: you expanded your comfort zone,
  • then you can advance to the next level, expanding it again.

The bigger your comfort zone, the more likely you have to be very successful because you have more and more skills.

A guru has some habits that you need to attain:

1 – Personal Development.

You are your own “merchandise”, and one of two things happens to all goods: they are either valued or devalued. There is no neutral. You are either growing or shrinking, evolving or de-evolving, being valued or devalued in the market.

So you have to invest a good portion of your time in your daily personal progress in all areas of life, including these six, all linked with each other:

a. Health. Take care of yourself as much as you can. Of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nurturing each of these dimensions with the proper nutrients.

b. Finance. Money is a form of energy very important and powerful. It’s a great slave but a bad master. You have to make a decision in this regard: either you serve it or you put it serving you. Either you work for it or it works for you.

c. Affectivity. The emotional life is one of the main ingredients of happiness. You can not sacrifice a relationship because of your career, for example, because you will be without one or the other. Inside the affection you have your intimate relationship, but also have friends, parents, siblings, children, colleagues, etc.. If you have a balanced emotional life, you are not only happier but also more effective in other 5 areas of life .

d. Fulfillment. Many people spend their lives doing things they detest, to make money that allows them to continue to lead a miserable life. You don’t. Put your personal development as a priority in your life. If you have a job you need to survive, don’t quit yet, but begin to create your plan B. I think the articles you are reading could be a useful piece in your plan. Choose a date to stop doing what doesn’t complete you and set in motion a plan that will allow you free yourself on that day. Life is too short to squander being incomplete.

e. Social Contribution. Generosity is the hallmark of service. Whether currently have or have very little, if need or raisins have in abundance, the habit of contributing to satisfy the needs and desires of others is the most dignifying mission we have to fulfill. Find an organization with whose work you identify with and establish the commitment of supporting it by sending money, goods, volunteering, etc.. Social contribution will do more for you as a human being than all the books that you can read.

2 – Schedule filled.

You must have a variety of activities in your schedule.

They should reflect your commitment to the five areas of the previous number. So you can assess what are your priorities: whether it is health, finances, affection, personal fulfillment and social contribution.

Your schedule does not lie: what is there is real, what is not there, can be or not. Usually it’s not.

If you do not need an agenda, one of two things: either you have a prodigious memory and abnormal organizational ability or you’re losing a good portion of your time.

I speak with authority in this regard because I’ve always hated agendas (incidentally, I always hated any kind of list) and I am even known to be super-distracted among those who know me.

That’s why everyone thinks it’s so funny when I insist on the need to have and maintain an updated agenda, but I know that, if it were not for it, I’d be lost, disorganized as I am.

The Agenda has this multiple role:

a. It helps you not forget appointments and tasks (logical).

b. Structures your day. A structured day is an organized life. Serves as a skeleton for life.

c. When you put things on the agenda (the day before or the week before), you are creating a strategy of thought and coherent action. This is effective. On the day you just have to run it, there is no doubt or second thoughts or new oppinions.

d. To measure your commitment: how many tasks were performed, the quality, effectiveness. And all that can be measured can be improved.

3 – Production

A guru produces content every day.

It is through them that you communicate with your audience and express your path.

You can be having a problem here: How to have something to write about every day, or make a video, or write a book, a lecture, or anything else? Like I said before, no one is born taught and for everything there is a method.

If you follow the following method, you will never lack subject and you can produce content on a daily basis without spending much time:

a. Get used to take note of all your ideas. Yes, all. Prepare your phone to record voice audio, get a small notebook that must always be with you. Your inner dialogue diary, never stops. Do associations of ideas, thousands of them joining with thousands of others and then suddenly, something new and interesting appears. You have to take note immediately. It doesn’t matter if you think that you’ll remember later, that the idea is so obvious that it is impossible to forget. Your mistaken. You’ll forget about it, yes. The saddest thing is that since it goes away it never returns. How many ideas have you already lost millions this way? I can assure you: many. Even though at the time you had not had this awareness.

b. As soon as possible begin to write on this topic, developing this idea. You do not have to finish now, you only have to begin and advance as much as you can.

c. You will accumulate various contents in the progress: started and not finished. That is fine. Imagine you stipulated posting on your blog an article on Thursdays and one on Sundays. When Sunday comes, you’ll have several options for publishing. Choose the one that most inspires you, finish quickly and publish.

d. The fact that you publish every 4 days, for example, does not mean you do not write every day, on the contrary, you really have to write every day. Who says writing says take notes to audio programs or videos. It is the same.

e. With the habit it gets easier and easier. You produce increasingly more and better quality because you’ll will dominate the best method and discipline.

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