An audience, like matter, has four states: solid, liquid, gas and plasmatic.

To be someone who is recognized and have a lot of people willing to give you their money, you need to know in advance who you’ll be adressing.

One of the typical mistakes of the amateur internet marketer is wanting to talk to everyone, sell to everyone.

Write this down: your energy is limited.

You can focus it on a restricted audience and produce huge results, or you can disperse it a wide audience and not produce any results.

– Let’s say that each person has a “temperature” of action and you have to heat it up to “that point” if you want him/her to “do” something.

– Then you have to think that the more difficult, costly, uncomfortable this thing is, the “hotter” the person must be. Let me give an example:

To enroll a person in a social network invited by you, you don’t need to “warm up” this person a lot. Just send him an invitation that shown activities or interesting people. However if your intention is that the person becomes a fan of your Facebook fan page, then you got to do a little more besides sendimg him an invitation: you have to have a topic that interests him and relevant content.

You need to slightly increase your expended energy and, in this way, the temperature of your audience.

If you want him to enroll in your list of automated emails, then you must already have some connection with the person and offer him something even more important one (“bribes” in the form of ebooks, videos, etc.). It’s not superficially that people leave their personal data in a form. To acquire this you must speak their language, understand what they want and make a promise (that you will keep) in the form of free content.

By investing more energy  you can get a person to perform an action of greater implication.

Imagine you have something cheap to sell: an ebook. First your visitor (very cold) has added you as a friend (cold), then you need to re-raise the temperature (later we will see how to do this) to get him warm and sign up for free on your page, and then more hot to buy your ebook for a few euros.

There is a big difference between a person who orbits you (walks of around, sees everything, reads everything, but does not buy anything) and one who lands (buys something, even a “trial” for 1 euro):

Who buys something from you just shows that he went to another state, “solid” to liquid. For that you needed to improve your reputation, demonstrate your honesty and value.

And we could go on: after one purchase he will make another and another, of increasing value.

These people will be your plasma audience, they went from solid to liquid and then gas, and finally plasma.

We will return to this topic later in detail, but I wanted us to be “in tune” in this aspect.

You already understood that, for each state of the audience there is an amount of energy being expended by you in order to raise to a given “temperature” in public.

If you dispense it to much you will ever get to the critical temperature in anybody. Results: zero.

So that is why what you want is to focus the energy in a closed audience.

Let us call, for now, that audience your market niche.

Later you will see that it is much more than a niche.

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