Firstly you have to be aware of a marketing mistake that is so common but so severe that gives destroys entire strategies, ruins businesses and burns millions of euros.

The mistake is this:

“You succeed when many people have a problem or need and you have the solution.”

Or, in another formulation:

“You succeed when you identify or create needs and promote ways to satisfy them.”

It’ll be the same.

Both are focused on the “problems” and the “needs”.

As a guru, if you focus on this, you will have recognition and appreciation, yes, but you will not have money. Your audience will tell you that you are a special person, a genius, a model of conduct and wisdom and enjoy your tips, but will not give you money. Do you know why?

Just because one this is knowing what to do, and another is to do it effectively.

“There were five frogs on a wall at the edge of a lake. One decided to jump.
How many were there? ”
Answer: 5. Deciding is not jumping.

If people give money (act) to who has solutions to solve problems, nobody would have excess weight, smoking would not exist, the candy industry and fast food would disappear, drugs no longer used, everyone would exercise, eat organic, etc..

There is no shortage os solutions to problems in the market, but its success is always limited while confining themselves to meeting needs.

The need and the problem are from their intellect.

And reason has never led anyone to act in a passionate way.

What drives your audience to act is emotion and it is not linked with the need nor with the problem, but with desire.

So let’s rephrase:

“You successed when you provide the public an exciting way to satisfy their desires.

A good proof of this difference is this:

 ”Imagine you have a product to help a person lose weight. Could you present it as a solution to a” problem “of health, or the” need “to reduce cholesterol but you will have much more success if you display it as the way for that person to become atractive on the beach and be able to use that bikini this summer “

Another example:

“Some time ago I watched two anti-smoking campaigns that were very interesting. One directed at young women that demonstrated that tobacco stained teeth and gave your skin a greenish tone. And another that launched the slogan, now famous among anti-tobacco activists,” kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray. “

In both cases the communication does not focus nor in the “need” to quit to avoid health “problems”, but in the desire to feel attractive in front of others.

That is why the publication on cigarette packets, photographs of black lungs or “smoking kills” warnings, do not work, actuallu it is more than proven that it increases consumption among smokers. These ads forget one of the main psychological reasons that cause a person to smoke: a subconscious and irrational desire for self-destruction.

Ok. We then are understood in this aspect: your audience will not be chosen for being “aware”, “smart”, “problematic”, “needy”, but passionate, eager, “hot”, “hungry . “

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