Your primary audience is composed of people who are like you in something important.

You will be the mirror in which they see themselves.

Since you’re multifaceted, let us begin by tracing the robot portrait of your future “ plasmatic follower”. Typical people who will be your warm (plasmatic)audience, have characteristics to which you are attractive to somehow. They so (fill in):

– Dream of: – Fear:
– They need to:
– They research (on Google): – despise:
– Pay for:
– Who sells them something this time:
– What do (does) that (those) person (s) do that I do not?
– What do they think, the people in your audience, what do they lack to make their wishes come true?:
(The “but if”s: “if I had this,” “I knew that”, “it were this way”)

– Where can this audience of yours be found?

. Which discussion groups on the Internet, and / or fan pages?
. Which blogs, magazines or newspapers do they read ?
. Which locations / events / do they attend?

Once you have identified your audience check if it has:


– Is it passionate enough? It is starving? In other words: does it have a huge desire? The people who compose it are militants, have a sense of belonging? The realization of this desire is put on top of their priorities?

– Does it have an interesting dimension? Obviously you will find an fanatical audience in a  “club of entrepreneur women who plays professional football”, but you probably will not have an audience of over half a dozen strange women. Quality: excellent. Quantity: insufficient.

– It is easy to get in contact with it (your audience)? These people attend certain websites, blogs, forums, groups, social networks, etc.. Read certain newspapers or magazines (where you can put content or advertising).

– Are they people with whom you feel at ease? Your best friends could be there? Do you love spending time with these people for what they are, the conversations they have, projects, goals, etc..? This means they have enough in common with you (remember the mirror).

If in your future audience lack some of these features you already begin your project on one foot.

Ponder well if you want to continue or instead choose a different audience.

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