Let’s follow the advice of Paul Getty.

After getting up early and working hard, we find oil.

The oil is your skills, what you already have and what you already are.

No need to study, develop yourself to oil because that’s been around for a long time, due to the study and development you are doing since the day you were born.

This oil is excellent.

The oil was not born in the well, it had to be created, over time, in very particular circumstances. Now, at the present time, you can not create it, just prospect it and extract it.

It’s what we’ll do: exploration and extraction.

 ”Oh, but I do not have any skills! Here the reserves of crude oil are zero!”

I understand that you can say that, but I do not think that you yourself, honestly believe that statement because you know as well as I do that all people have an impressive arsenal of wealth in there, waiting for an opportunity to spurt out here .

Have you heard of “revealing your potential?” of “hidden talents?” That’s exactly what it is: the revealing of  the value that was hidden.

Hoy have got your audience, now we’ll prospect for oil to supply to that audience.

I did not say “sell” but “supply”. It’s just that, before you can sell something you have much work ahead.

You need to start doing your job of introspection:

————————————————– ———————-


– Make a list of 10 things that you love doing. Those you love with passion, that give you pleasure, a sense of personal accomplishment. These are the things that you’d dedicate yourself to if you didn’t have to make money.

– What are your skills (technical)? You write well? You know public speaking? You have good diction? At-ease in the videos? You know, Internet editing or filming video, graphic design or web, you know personal finance, management, etc..?

(You probably have no idea if you have some of those qualities because you never needed them and never had the opportunity to test them. The time has come: to explore every corner of your potential and give it expression.)

– List now your qualities (human). Do you have a way with people, are you patient, like teaching, you have a sense of ethics, sense of mission, self-confidence, leadership qualities, spirituality, are organized, you work by objectives, are focused, understanding, etc..

– Check which of your passions, identified the first item, corresponds to the answer to achieving the desires of your audience. Write your passion in bold print cross an entire page of your notebook.

This will be your theme. It is this subject that you will become an expert in: recognized, appreciated and paid.

You already discovered that you have oil in there.

If you’re still not seeing how this oil will bring you what you intend for your life, it does not matter, these articles are still far from over.

What will make you a guru, are neither your experience or your knowledge, but your sharing.

To get market value you need to give something valuable to the market and this value in terms of “guruísm” is knowledge.

Obviously you will not share anything that you don’t have.

You can not pump oil from an empty well. That’s why you need to check if inside you have passion, knowledge and experience that will allow you to add value to the people from your audience.

How? Let’s see it right now …

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