In this section we will talk about very practical things, but absolutely vital.

You can be the best author in the world, have the best books to have all the knowledge of the planet and its surroundings,

but if you can not reach your market you will not have any value, and who has no value does not make money.

There are several ways to reach and talk to your audience.

It is best to go to the same places, both physically and online, create relationships, have ads in the same newspapers and magazines they read, do pay per click advertising (PPC) on search engines and directories, with the keywords that they seek, to collaborate on the same forums, the same fan pages, even blogs.

These are the ways that will touch them.

However not everyone is interested in what you have to give. You need to identify that part of the audience that is “hot” enough to act.

I call this process the “do raise your hand.”

Imagine you arrive in a room and want to know who practices sport. You ask: “who does sports raise your hand.” You’ll know how many people do sport. Then ask the name and address, for example, so you can send them a pedometer or any other presents, with the compliments of your sports shop.

Thus did two things: located your audience in the middle of a lot of people and gathered contact details using a “bribe”.

Then you can send them this gift, but also catalogs, sales letters, promotions, flyers, etc..

On the internet this process has a name:


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