This is the first step in your process of getting to talk to your audience, also called: capturing contacts.

Capture systems are complex, but they all boil down to two steps:

Generation of qualified traffic ( “hot” audience ) to a capture page where you are promoting a free relevant offer to the audience you wish to attract. You can use text or video. Currently the video starts becoming practically mandatory, but it may be only text and photos. On this page there is a form.

Capture of contacts through the completing of this form by the visitor.

Once you have captured the contact details of this your visitor, you deliver the promise (the free offer) and their data is recorded in a database of contacts, typically in a autoresponder system (sending automated emails) for further action.

Sounds complicated? It’s not.

There are entire systems already made with this purpose, none of them very expensive.

The secret to capture many contacts is a simple skill, and at the same time complex: in your capacity to connect to the inner dialogue of your audience.

We all have thoughts, desires, concerns and imagination.

These things all combine to produce what we can call “inner dialogue.” This dialogue really is more of a monologue, but it is not less important because of that. It consists of all the thoughts we have throughout our day, especially for chronic thoughts, or “recurring”.

For someone who wants to be recognized, one recurring thought may be generated by the imagination: you will speak in applause, pats on the back, magazine covers. To another person who wants to be rich, will constantly think about money, the way to achieve and what will happen when he has it. Another loves to have fun and is always trying to find ways to gather friends and organize parties, another still feel the desire to learn, challenges, and then his day is marked by innovation, by risks and adrenaline. Who has health problems, thinks only of disease, who thinks of dept has money problems.

Your ability to identify the various inner dialogues of your audience, to place the solutions to their desires in the form of free content and your expertise in building a capture page that promotes free content without revealing too much about it, is what determins the effectiveness of your capture page.

The ratio between the number of visitors and the number of registrations (the goal of the page) is called “conversion.” The better the conversion, the more effective you are being to generate traffic and better the suitability of the capture page to your promise.

With this process you begin to build your most valuable asset: your contacts list.

Everyone who registered has a common feature: they are interested in what you have to offer.

They are your “hot” audience.

They are hot because they have already taken action (enrolled in your capture page).

The part of your visitors who are not signed up, is solid, cold, because it is not interested enough to take action. It is with these people, the “liquid” that you are going to work with.

While you continue to generate traffic to your capture page and generate more and more hot contacts, you need to work with people who have already enrolled.

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