“If only for once you do something that others say can not be done, you’ll never give importance to your limitations.” – James Cook

Unsurprisingly you can always get a bit further than is expected of you, not only for everyone but especially for youself.

The key word is “now what?” Then make a decision.

– When you run a few miles, come home, tired, and think: “ok, ran the 10 km, and now what?” You can decide to stop and go to the shower or decide to run 2 more miles. Your friend races, and usually decides to stop there, but you, deciding to run just 15 more minutes  makes you three times in better shape than him.

– After a day at work, you come home and think: “It was a long day, and now what?” Then decide to put on slippers and go watch TV. You could also decide to study that subject that interests you, paint or read, write or play guitar, work on your hobby or your business from home.

– Your wife or your husband criticizes something you did wrong and you think: “What now?” and decide to defend yourself accusing him (her) of something even worse. But you also could have chosen to give reason and apologize, even if you think that the reason is on your side. Then find a way to compensate and do something generous, like washing the dishes or take out the trash or give it a slight massage.

– You have failed in your work, you’re humiliated and confused. You think: “What now?” and decide to find a reason jo justify yourself and put the blame onto someone else. Your ego is in charge, he rarely cares about your well-being, but you can take responsibility and try to find alternatives and solutions.

–  You go to the doctor and he tells you “you’re on the verge of a heart attack” and you think: “What now?” you stay terrified and begin taking the pills he prescribed for life. Or you can take medication temporarily while changing your lifestyle. Here for a few years you’ll have a heart of a lion … or something else in its place, depending on your decision now.

– You investe your time, passion, enthusiasm and money in a project. Doesn’t last long and eventually fails with great loss. You think: “What now?” and decide to blame your partner and play role of the victim. However you can also apologize for the failure to move on and come back to give a chance to yourself and your partners.

Whenever you’re confronted with the “What Now” you’re at a fork in the road and there are atb least two ways as options.

One leads you to misery and the other to the abundance, one to discouragement and the other to hope, one to selfishness and the other to generosity. Everything depends on what you choose to do within 2 seconds after the fateful question.

And you have these options Always, at every opportunity, are always there.

Learn to identify them to be able to choose wisely the one that serves you best.

If you opt for the right one, you’ll be going just a bit further than everyone expects you to go, as a result, all of a sudden you will be in a place where many dream to arrive but do not know how.

You know. It’s here that u leave mediocrity and achieve great results.

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