“Faith activates God , Fear activates the Enemy . ” – Joel Osteen

After any event whether it be inside or outside, as a thought, you have a period of 2 seconds where you make decision about how you’re going to handle it.

  • First you check by comparing what happened with past memories, especially with emotions.
  • Then you decide on the nature of the act or thought: good or bad for me, pleasant or unpleasant, corroborates or refutes the memories and emotions.

After 2 seconds you decide what to do about it: respond violently, smile, fear, joy, anguish, frustration, enthusiasm, embrace, fight or run.

After the decision you will get all the emotional and rational arguments to justify your decision, but it was made long before, without having used any of these devices. You decided in freedom, without restrictions, no strings attached and no rationalizations.

When the time comes to act, reason comes in. What is necessary, appropriate, advantageous, correct. If the action is not appropriate to the decision, you feel frustrated, you start a self-destructive inner dialogue.

Remember when you were turned down in front of everyone and wanted to say this and that to your boss and you didn’t? Your 2 second decision was one way and your action was another. At night, in your bed, you argumented until you fell asleep. You were tied down by the free decision and by conditioned action.

If you want to make an interesting exercise, check for yourself those 2 seconds of true freedom and what happens in them. Isn’t it incredible, the potential that we have unknowingly?

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