The first thing you need to define very well is your WHY.

Why do you want to help others? Because you intend to get money, appreciation and recognition? What is your reason?

Mine is very clear: I want to live life to the fullest and make a positive impact in the world. Leave a legacy. Everything we think, say and do is tuned to that frequency, including the writing of this guide.

What is your reason?

Having power over others? Influence? Make Money? Helping people? Enjoy yourself? Learn something new? Facing a challenge? Improve your life? Make a positive impact in the world? Buy certain product? To travel? Acquire freedom? What is?

May be one or some of the things I described above, but also may not be.

You’re the one who knows.

However, you HAVE to know.

Write your Why in your Notepad.

I know it is not easy, to suddenly know a why. Many people spend their entire lives without knowing it, but you have to know yours.

Why insist so much on this question of Why? Because one day you will think about giving up and go back to mediocrity. One day will it seem like a very appealing life one without challenges, without large losses or large victories in the routine. One day it will look more attractive to you to jump the train than to continue to pursue your dream. You’ll say things like “not worth it” and “you’re wasting your time,” and, worst of all you’ll believe it.

This day comes for everyone. Incidentally, this day comes for all … Repeatedly.

Unfortunately there is no vaccine to immunize once and for all.

And when that day comes, you’ll be weakened for some reason, real or imagined, and you’ll give heed to yourself.

If you do not have your Why clear in your mind and, more importantly, on paper (!), The probability of surviving is greatly reduced.

Have no illusions, if you do not find a big reason, greater than you, whereby worth fighting to the blood, you’ll will never be great.

Find this reason.

It’s like I’m listening to you right now: “my motive is to get rich.” Very well. Except that there is a small problem with that. The money does not like that to be chased after. It’s like a dog. If you run after him, he flees. In contrast, if it seems like you are running away it will chase you.

So money is never a reason. It is a result.

Keep thinking. I’ll give you a hand.

————————————————– ———


If you haven’t yet discovered it, do not worry too much. It is a mission impossible.

  ”So if it’s a mission impossible, what was that conversation about” finding my why? “

Let me explain: It is an impossible task because it has a conclusion. It is a process. As will evolve, your motivations evolve with you. You’ll discover your purpose, your “calling” if you want to call it.

It is a discovery.

However, like all discoveries, this does not happen accidentally: you have to work at it by making choices, plans, strategies and actions.

Let us return to the example of money. Because it’s popular as a topic it may be something that interests you a bit.

You may think that your reason is “a lot of money” or “get rich” but you are mistaken.

Like I said, this is never a reason. Think a bit:

 – Why do you want get rich?

“I drove a van that too old. Had little money for fuel and it was almost always running on fumes.

One day, the van stopped on a slope. Halfway. I thought it was for lack of diesel, called the four flashers while behind me began to apear a line with 3 or 4 cars.

Some started beeping, so let droop behind the vehicle to pull to the curb as possible and pass others.

As he passed by, speeding, an individual whistled and yelled at me “Get that old scrap off the road!”

I was looking at the back of that car, Brand new, willing to give a couple of punches to the owner. “

I have many stories of scarcity in my life. My daughter in need of medical care that I could not provide, another wanting to study at a particular school to which I couln’t afford the tuition, overdue bills for electricity, telephone or water, in need of food in the house and not being able to buy.

I know what it’s like going through all these things.

So I thought that wanting to have that much money would be a good reason, a great Why.

But the nature of money is this: the more you chase it, the more it moves away.

I did not know and I lost much chasing it, obviously without success. However, seeing things clearly, what I wanted was not the money but the things it could give me, one of the most important freedom.

Freedom to buy the necessities for those who need them, to have time to devote to teaching others to free themselves and the freedom to say yes to everything that is really important, without thinking about the price.

So my Why, is no longer to “make big money” it became “help the greatest number of people”, “make a positive impact in the world.”

The Why is a life purpose.

I can not think of a better purpose  than this:

– Live to the fullest and make a difference in the lives of those around you.

Your purpose is the only thing which is worth giving your life to.

Once you have discovered it you will never bear neither routine nor drowsiness or submission to anything or anyone.

I discovered this after having heard Jim Rohn say: “If you do not have the life of your dreams is because you don’t serve enough number of people.”

It took hearing this a trillion times, many of them directly from his mouth, but eventually it got into my hard head.

————————————————– ——————-



  •     First list: Look in your life everything you do not like and make a list in your notebook. In front of each item write why you tolerate it, though.


  •     Second list: After that do another list with all the things you have in your life that you like. In front of each write the reasons for liking these things bets.


  •     Third list: Then make a list of all the best: A list of things you want to change. This list will naturally be some of the items of the first list. In principle there are not all as there are many things we do not like but tolerate (and even love) for a bigger reason (eg, you can tolerate a fault in your wife or husband but not’d change it for the world). It also adds this third lists the items of the second (things like that) and you want to improve.


  • Then, in front of each of them put a number in order of priority: the most important, with the number 1 to the least important.

The first 3 or 4 items, if you notice, have something in common with each other: they have to do with health, possessions, relationships, personal or professional acomplishment.

Find the common denominator.

This is your Why.

Check how it resonates with your mind and your emotions in a sense of congruence.

Now check if the description you give of those items, by chance, does not match with this word:


Freedom means: Will and resources. Will to better your life in all aspects that are not working and resources to be able to finally do all those good things that complete you.

These things always involve yourself, your close family and friends but especially those that you feel you could help change their lives objectively.

Living this way you will be living a mission and literally leave your mark on the world.

Writes in big letters and fat in your notebook: This is my Why: FREEDOM. And you already know what this means.

You will note that, over time, this purpose will refine with the extent of your development, understanding and outcomes.

Like I said, it is a process that has a beginning but has no end.

After finding your reason we look for oil (your talents and skills).

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