This monitoring process is called following. It is everything that follows after the person signs up on your list.

What you will do is start a process of relationship with this person, in an automated manner using the auto-responder.

An autoresponder is a system that allows you to store contacts that you’ll be generating in your capture page and schedules a series of items of email. Thus, your new contact will receive a welcome message, after a day or two another message, then another and another, for one or two or three years, as long as you see fit.

This is what makes an auto-responder.

To use it well you need to send relevant information to that person.

Add value to what you already have before even sugesting that person to buy something.

Do not forget that you are to grow your credibility and reputation with that person. Only then he will follow your advice and eventually buy what you purpose.

Don’t rush into starting a business relationship.

Invest heavily in personal relationship first and never stop investing in it with the highest number of people on your list.


“Aren’t the automatic emails “too clod” for us to establish a “hot” relationship with the contacts?”

Fantastic question. It is true.

The automatic emails will never cease, but you’ll keep increasing customization as your contact is “warming”. You can talk by phone or Skype, you can take a trip and meet personally with each of your contacts. But this is a huge waste of time if they are not hot enough. The higher the commitment (temperature) on their part, the greater customization. The lower the temperature the greater automation.

Let me explain with an example:
A contact that you just sign up, is still very cold. It’s hotter than those who have not registered, but colder than those that already bought something from you online (do not worry now with the technical part of the “buy”, we will see this later). Your relationship with this person is limited to sending automatic emails with interesting information. Within two or three emails, you will suggest that the person buys something low in value. For example an eBook of 10 € or a subscription as an experience of 1 €. This offer is to requalify your list and verify how much your automatic emails heated it up.

Some people on this list will buy what you propose. They ended up self-qualifieing from “prospects” to “customers.”

This is a giant step. You and them are to be congratulated.

Now your relationship with them will be more personalized.

You can send your best content, possibly a personal email, an exclusive offer. Anything that makes them feel they are special and they are now at a different level.

The important detail is this: you can not spend your time talking personally to people who are not qualified.

Often a contact just registered, sees your Skype somewhere and goes running to talk to you.

-Do not be rude, but you have to be super-fast.

-Ask if he ever saw your free product and already studied it. If not, send him back saying go see.

-If yes, then ask if he purchased the ebook or subsccrição or whatever it is you have for him as a first purchase. If not: have him buy it.

-If yes, ask if he has read or seen it yet. If not: have him see it.

-If yes, ask him questions about it for you to confirm the validity of his statements: type “what did you like most” and talk with him for a few minutes, in the sense of helping to carry out his wish and ciment this relationship.

If you notice, your prospect must qualify to talk to you.

Often we lose our time with curious people who do not bother to read and learn, because it seems easier to ask.

These people are not customers and are not who you want around you.

It doesn’t mean not to be kind to everyone: you have to be. And it doesn’t mean that a prospect asking questions is not a future customer who is genuinely interested.

There are always exceptions of which you need to be aware.

However it is usually this: the prospects ask, want to know, are interested, talk, but do not buy. Customers first shop, study, perform and then ask questions. Rarely or never ask to talk to you unless you invite them.

One day some of your contacts will be “plasma”! They’ll go where you go, buy what you tell them, learn what it takes. These customers can now be partners, and even friends from the heart.

Therefore, the process of relationship, and choose the people with whom you spend your time.

Hotter contact: more personalization, colder, more automation.

I will not extend to speak about this particular subject (the following of customers) because we are now talking about following prospects, but we’ll talk about that when we discuss the “marketing funnel“.

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