Personal Marketing – Monetizing

In terms of Personal Marketing, monetizing, means “turn something intangible into cash” which means “turn your ideas, knowledge and reputation in cash.” It is here that we distinguish the “amateurs” from the professionals: someone who gives value to the market and do not earn money from it has a hobby. Continue Reading

Personal Marketing – Comunicate Your Value

You can be the greatest genius in the world, but without personal marketing, you are worth, to the market, as much as the biggest idiot on the planet. Have you ever had the feeling that “I am worth much more than i earn” or “people don’t recognize my value”? In Continue Reading

Personal Marketing – Personal Value

This may be an inconvenient truth for your Personal Marketing but “You earn what you deserve“! Incidentally, we all win what we deserve. You’ll see in this article how to increase your value with Personal Marketing and consequently create conditions to earn more money … without having to actually work Continue Reading