Andar Sobre as Aguas e Deitar Lasers Pelos Olhos

Um pobre que ganha a lotaria é somente um pobre com dinheiro. Todo o processo de crescimento de negócio, os seus processos, os seus patamares, acontecem acompanhando um processo de crescimento pessoal. É por isso que os ganhadores da lotaria voltam a ficar pobres poucos anos depois de serem milionários. Continue Reading

24 – How to Write and Ebook in 15 Days

Let’s get the work outlined in the first chapters of these articles and put them to use. You remember (you read it not so long ago) the choice of the audience, it’s desire, your theme and your story? Let’s do it. Ready? Do not think you can achieve something important Continue Reading

Expose Yourself

“Eighty percent of success comes from exposing ourselves.” – Woody Allen I like Woody Allen for his simple form of staggering. Your success is directly related to your value and how you communicate that value (exposure). You can be the world’s best professional in your area, but if you do Continue Reading