Anything you to do online, as you know, has an impact on your reputation and your credibility.

However, not only from reputation and credibility does an Internet Guru live. You need to add emotion, heart.

Since the Portuguese scientist Manuel Damasio called attention to the “Emotional Intelligence” she went on to be fashionable. Thousands of books have been written on this subject. Personally, it opened new horizons for me in regards to marketing.

People make right decisions based on reason and emotion.

Thousands of experiments have been made on this subject.

An executive with great success had an accident and his brain was altered. So altered to the point that he could not feel emotions. There seemed to be nothing wrong with him, except the fact that his emotional capacity has been severely affected. This being the case a real personal tragedy for him and for all those around him, came to bring light on the importance of emotion in the decision-making process. The fact is that when he returned to work, this executive was unable to make a right decision, committed even basic erros in assessing situations and the subsequent decisions. He became unable to decide, simply because he needed to evaluate each and every one of the circumstances, imulate all possible scenarios, gather all the data that would give him rational certainties.

As this is impossible, his career came to an end.

This case is very interesting. We need t our hearts to decide.

We have this capability we call intuition that combines in a mysterious way data and facts, conscious and sub-conscious, with feelings and imagination.

The result is a capacity for assessment, decision and action with which, until now, no computer could even be comparable to.

If you want the contacts on your list to make right decisions for them, you need them to keep providing them with appropriate content that connects with all areas involved in their process of evaluation> decision> action: information and inspiration.

To the shipping process of these contents we call: the relationship with the list.

These contents will be varied and should address:
Data (business numbers, statistics, etc.). Connect with the rational part of the prospects.

Tips and advice based on your experience to make your lead feel connected with you personally.

Several testimonials that have the effect of giving your prospect an overview, a sense of safety in numbers (“there are more people who have passed through here and had good results.”) Help the person to project into the future and visualize himself in the same situation of the testemonials.

Tests and surveys. Made not very frequently serve to test the temperature of the list (by number of responses) and to collect relevant information (the responses themselves).

Personal Development. Contents of this nature are immensely popular and important. They project the idea that your goal is not to sell things but to better people, helping them to deal with adversity, to find solutions to overcome obstacles, to better manage money, time, resources, etc.. Look for good content in this area because it is one of the main factors responsible for success in your emotional connection with your prospect.

Without giving here a course on email-marketing, I leave you another hint: keep your emails short.

Write in field of the “subject” something that is irresistible, preferably containing the name of the person (the auto-responder programs do this automatically) and put the most captivating phrase right as the email is open.

It is a technique and an art the writing of effective content.

In English it’s called “copywriting” or “copy” to friends:. Like all skills, this one can also be learned and developed. Then make the content direct and simple, short (it will not take more than 30 seconds to read) and a link for the person to act (a ‘call to action “). This link may be to “read more” and sends the person to your blog, it may be a product for free or paid, may be to “reply to this email.” Anything that takes a person to point of action. As the autoresponder records the number of clicks in a particular email, you can identify what kind of “call to action” takes your list to act more, meaning that it is hotter in this aspect.

The more appropriate your content in automated emails is, the more your audience grows loyalty and the greater is your intellectual, rational and emotional connection.

This conection is the first step to your success as a guru: it is here that you begin to be recognized and appreciated.

Recognized by the rational half of your prospects because of the data you provide, by how competent you are. Appreciated by the emotional part, who thank you for the sharing of knowledge, life stories and personal development.

The higher your acknowledgment and appreciation, the greater your revenue.

One day I was explaining this concept to an executive, a true  self-made man, who replied: “Got it! It’s all a strategy to win a tone of money with these geeks!” I got tired of laughing so much. He did not get it at all. I understand that an “selfmade-man” has money on top of his priorities, but in fact it is not about money when we talk about “being a guru.”

It is really about adding value to the lives of people around us, be a light of guidance. To be useful and improve their lives.

What is the role of money? Very important, not to say vital, because without it the model is unbalanced.

Everything is a matter of energy (value).

What you give to the market has to be returned to you, and what you receive you need to give back.

It is simply a law of “physical abundance.”

The value you place out there will be multiplied by the people who it touches and back to you, added. Typically one of the “embodiments” of value that you receive is in the form of cash.

You need to know how to give, yes. You need to create channels to communicate what you have in there and what is valuable to your audience, and you also need to create channels for this energy to come back to you in an eternal loop. Of becoming stronger and stronger and more abundant. This is how it works.

You have seen the importance of creating and feading a list of warm leads, you’ve seen how to increase their temperature, adding value to their lives. Let’s see how to create channels that return back to you.

I imagine these channels as a series of treadmill around me. Two or three things carry things out of me (my contribution, my content, my value added) and many others bring money, appreciation, recognition (the energy, in the form of “value”) back to me. What is interesting is that for every treadmill that comes out of me, there are several ones that bring things in my direction.

The recognition, appreciation, the information you give, and your dedication, generosity and all the qualities you need to have and develop so you can manage your list effectively, are intangible.

You can’t give them a label with a price.

However there is a process to transform all this money.

This process is called:

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