There are many ways to monetize intangibly. If you have any experience with Internet Marketing, you might be thinking of Adsense or affiliate programs that you promote on your blog.

As interesting as these programs can be for a blogger, they do nothing to help you earn a lot of money monetizing who you are, as a guru.

Incidentally, in my humble opinion, a blog that has so much publicity that you have to make an effort to find the content is not providing a good service to the visitor or to improve the reputation of the author in this respect.

No. When I talk about monetizing I speak of something much, much more serious.



The only way for people to give you money is if you sell them something.

Even the “donations” are given in exchange for something, if nothing else, in return for this intangible thing called “thank you.”

Surely you know what a funnel is. Begins with a wide mouth and ends with a narrow hole.

A marketing funnel is a process of “heating” prospects, a “machine” composed of several compartments at different temperatures, with communication channels between them. In each compartment there is a promise, a value, a product and a price. Think of monetization as the “story of the funnel.”

One day someone saw your ad on Google or stumbled across some content were your had a link to a capture page. You were talking about something that resonated with him or her. What you were saying in the video or text, close to your form, speaks, for example, of an ebook that will teach you how to achieve precisely what you desire with which your visitor has been so worried about lately: money, health, recognition, learning, challenge, fun, personal relationships, etc.. This person is excited about the possibility of having access to this “insider” information and fills out the form.

He just got into your marketing funnel.

Has not bought anything yet and may never buy, but is subscribed in your Contacts list, and you already know he someone who is interested in the type of issues that you have to sell, a little down the road.

Many people are probably hot enough to click on an ad or a link that leads to a capture page, but then are not hot enough to leave their data in exchange for free information. These remain anonymous and solid, lets say those who signed up are now liquid, in other words the leads are identifiable and achievable (with which you can communicate in person). The energy level of these is larger than the previous, so it’s more likely that you do business with one of those, who have signed up than those who didn’t bother to do it.

This is the first chamber of your “marketing funnel”: the chamber of “liquid”, as ice that has been heated and is now water.

With these contacts already know how to proceed, it was explained above in the “following” part. The objective is a double one:

– Add value to these people, keeping them connected with you and your project via the auto-responder.

– Take them to the next level.

Do not forget that the only reason these people signed up and stay on your list is to have something to gain from it. You need to give them that something.

Not to say that everything is free.

Far from it.

To your prospects (leads who are not yet customers) the next step is to become customers.

This process of “heating” or “energizing” is done by automatic emails.

One day, on the first or second week following the sign up, and after having sent a half dozen emails with great content, you will introduce him something  to buy.

It will be something low priced and has a dual role:

Breaking the Free Barrier. The first online purchase is an important step. Even if the value is half a dozen euros or less, it reveals a very important qualitative leap in the relationship. You need to promote this new state of matter: the “gas”, with enthusiasm and intelligence close to your “liquids”. Some of them will never pass liquid. They’ll take on whatever you have to offer for free but will never give you a dime. If your audience is made up of internet marketers, in terms of their own results, these liquids are simply amateurs leveled down. They will never pass to the next level and never win reasonable money, simply because good content is never free and it never will be at your fingertips. Do not worry about them, they are good, they’re being followed by your auto-responder and do not give you cost or work. (Unless they want to talk to you on Skype, but then you already know how to do).

The second role it plays, this first product sold at a low price, is to commit the person more with you. Indeed this prospect took a big step and became a “client”. That makes all the difference in your relationship with him and you have to be aware of the value that person happened to have for you and your business. Increase the level of customization in contact with him, you will see that you’ll be cementing a relationship that just started.

After the first purchase, you need to continue to provide valuable content for free and promote others, paid, whether yours or other peoples’ (affiliates or joint ventures).

The aim is to keep giving that person the opportunity to acquire the means and tools that help fulfill their wishes. In the process he finds other people (like you) who are willing to support and serve as a guide and encouragement.

This is the route within the funnel:

your contact, which began as a prospect to get something for free,

progresses through the funnel, buying things, evolving in his project with your help, and keeps increasing your energy levels,

after “liquid” (client of something cheap) he will become gas, loyal customer and repetitive,

then the “plasma” (which is part of your circle of friends and influence, participating in all that you organize, often as a volunteer, sharing your vision and mission and is with you in body soul).

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