Surely you understood that the marketing funnel, as well as all processes that I have spoken of so far, requires a technical component.

Evidently so, because we are talking about Internet Marketing, where computers, the internet, software and things like that provide the technological basis for everything to work.

You may be thinking now:
“Oh, but I do not know anything about programming or autoresponder or shopping online. Specially about payment systems and affiliates.” I understand.

In any case I want to remind you that anything that has to do with the technical part in all aspects of what I have been explaining is already solved. Of course you can learn to do all those things yourself, from scratch, but I think you would die of old age before you having even the most basic functioning.

There are more or less advanced solutions at your disposal.

From courses “do it yourself for your blog, capture pages, ads, articles, videos, etc..” even complete solutions to Internet Marketing “key-in-hand”, developed by professionals that place, at an affordable price, their expertise at your disposal.

Lack of technical skills never prevented anyone from succeeding.

Of course, having tuned and perfect technology helps, but that is not what is most important.

I remember the story of Brendan Burchard:

In his 20s, broke and anxious to make money on the Internet. Having understood the power and advantage of subscription products (where the customer pays a monthly or a yearly fee), he decided to, himself, make a product like this. In principle this model would require a site, with a system with “restricted area” protected by passwords, management of members, of continued payments, etc.. besides, obviously the product itself. What he did was something of an astonishing simplicity, making a subscription site, highly viral (self promoting) from an auto-responder and a collection of simple html pages, without resorting to any kind of advanced programming.

Result: 4.8 mihões dollars in 18 months.

I am not going to explain in detail how that moraculous sales, promotion and capture page (all-in-one) worked, not to dwell, but I promise to return to this subject.

What I want to illustrate is this:

what is most important to your success online is a “killer content” as Brendon Burchard calls it.

As I said, the technology greatly facilitates the entire process, but the fundamental is the content combined with the marketing which can involve more or less technology.

Let’s talk about what matters now: the content.

To facilitate the process and move forward with the Internet Marketing faster, you can use marketing funnels of other people and other systems.

I mentioned the Empower Network and I refer to it again because it has everything all ready to use.

By buying the products,

you stay with unlimited access to all free content, which are many …

and also “do it yourself” courses covering all major areas of Internet Marketing, as well as professionals will deliver your own system from capturing to the funnel, “key-in-hand.”


For you, who wants to iniciate quickly in the market of Personal Marketing on the internet, I really don’t think you could find a better solution.

If you’re already a connoisseur in these matters or are already an Empower Network affiliate, then you’re already familiar with the use of third-party marketing funnels and affiliate programs that sell other people’s products.

If you have a rather large list, you can also join efforts with some recognized “gurus” and promote their products directly with them on your list, earning yourself the commission agreed.

In either case, your next step is undoubtedly the development of your own content. For this you can ask for help from someone experienced and recognized and can make a product together (called JV or “Joint Venture“) or you can do everything yourself.

Ideally a JV.

Imagine: you are “glueing yourself” to someone else’s reputation, already recognized in the market, you have the opportunity to learn a lot while producing content together, and once done, this product will be disclosed in your contact lists but also on his lists of contacts (improving your reputation for being together with someone recognized).

You could not want a better solution.

However, like all good solutions, there is always some difficulties:

The main thing is that you, if you are not yet recognized, do not have your own production published (even if it is in blog format), you will not be able to get the attention of someone already renowned. Indeed, the more you try to call him for more attention he will flee from you, like any good prospect.

Remember that your future JV partner is himself following his own path and one of the things he has to take care of, just like you, is making associations, with whom and how. Nobody already renowned associates with a stranger unless they see an advantage. So, before you even try to address a “star” to do something together, you need to work hard demonstrating that you are also one or that you are going on the right track.

As I have said many times, everything is a process.

Evaluate your possibilities in terms of JV. You can even make a few attempts. But do not be disappointed if they say no. It is natural and you would do the same in their place.

One thing though no one can prevent you from doing: be independent.

As a result you can even make a digital or physical product without ever needing anyone.

There are many courses on the internet that supposedly teach you how to produce your own content.

I say “supposedly” because there aren’t a lot that in fact teach that. They show you how to sell your ebook, how to make cool 3D covers, how to make a authenticated PDF, how to make a lauch, raise promoters, etc.. And I think I’m exaggerating because I have never seen any that taught all this.

However, none of that matters if you do not have proper content, if you don’t know how to make an ebook, or a course on video, which is valued enough to serve as a “bribe” to a capture page, and more than that, that can be sold online.

So let’s stop at this point for some time. Among all formats of content that you can develop, we will work on one of them for training purposes.

The simpler and cheaper: the ebook.

You will learn in 15 minutes, how to write an ebook in 15 days.

You like the idea?

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