Lazy Millionaires League Gerar Contactos

All businesses need qualified contacts. What is that?

They are not purchased lists of emails nor phone book compilations  :) , those are lists of emails, they are not qualified contacts .

A qualified contact is a person who actively seeks what we have to offer, and, therefore, subscribes to a mailing list.

As you can imagine, it is quite different to have an list of people’s emails who have not asked for anything of yours or to have your list of people’s emails who have asked you for information related to your business.

These contacts are qualified and are the basis of any business, including Internet Marketing.

The question everyone encounters is this: HOW TO HAVE CONTACTS? Or, in other words: HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT PEOPLE?

In my work group with Internet Marketing, LAZY MILLIONAIRES LEAGUE, we work with Empower Network and, through the techniques taught in the Empower courses, we set up a real contact generation machine for the whole team.

The General of this army of “badasses” to generate contacts TO US is called Sílvio Fortunato who made this video yesterday: (it is in portuguese but it shows you his list of contacts)

The way the Lazy Millionaires see Empower Network is: it’s a system of Internet Marketing that’s there to generate thousands of contacts, earn a lot of money in the process of generating contacts, and then use them to propose any business or product we want.

Explanation of the commission system of Empower Network and access to free videos HERE.

Thus the system is ideal for anyone who does or want to do business online and for all who work in various projects of Network Marketing and needs qualified contacts. And it’s both in Portuguese and in English!


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