Never forget the following: a guru is someone who teaches.

What you’re learning is the method to becoming a guru who is recognized, appreciated and paid. You can earn a lot of money taking advantage of other people’s products, whether affiliated or in JVs, but if you want to reach a large scale you need to be yourself with your own product and you need to expose yourself, materializing yourself into products that can be purchased.

Woody Allen said that “success is 80% exposure.”

You must have already seen people who are very successful but have “nothing in their head.” Writers who have never written a line but are now best-selling authors, actors of circumstance, not to mention participaters in the popular reality shows. The secret of success is simple: 80% exposure and 20% talent.

Of these people, those who managed to build enduring successful careers did it because, in addition to exposure and marketing, they also found “oil”, the same type of oil you found in yourself early on. In other words: value.

Until now you made a fantastic route. For example:

– You learned that a guru is a mentor, an illuminator.

– You know what you need to develop within yourself to becoming a guru.

– You have identified an eager audience.

– You learned how to reach them.

– You find out what you already have and that is valuable to the public.

– You know what the technical tools you need to have: capture pages, auto-responder, etc..

– Learned how to write an ebook in 15 days. Using a foolproof method.

– You know you need a design that will do justice to your content and potentiates the reading experience.

And other vital things to becoming a ” nº1 product”.

Now that you already have an own product, we’ll talk about the practical part: exposure, which as you know, represents 80% of your success.

One day you will make this product available for the people to acquire. You can do this in two ways: quietly or exuberantly.

“When I was in the army I was tought the ambush. I learned how to do it, I ambushed many patrols and was ambushed often.

In training, of course. What I learned was this: in a real situation, a patrol caught in an ambush does not have the slightest chance of surviving: they all die, without exception.

We are trained to when under fire, seek shelter. If we are on a road, we throw ourselves to the side of the road, as these provide the only, although incipient protection. Knowing this, the first thing you do in preparing an ambush on a road is to put a lot of anti-personnel mines on the edge of the road.

Then wait for the victims from a nearby and high location.

The signal to start confrontation is given by the ambushing patrol leader and it is always the most destructive possible. It isn’t  a cry to “get them!” or “Fire!” No. It’s just something as devastating as possible, for example a grenade thrown at the victims. After this signal, it’s open fire on them with all power. The victims, unprepared, as soon as they hear the initial grenade shoot, they throw themselves to the sides, but there are anti-personnel mines there. Practical results: a massacre. “

Why am I telling you this? First of all because when fulfilling mandatory military service, this training struck me for its sad effectiveness and because marketing has a lot to do with war. If you have not read the famous “Art of War” by Sun Tzu, I advise you to do so.

Launching a product is like an ambush.

If you have an ebook and you put it for sale in your online store, it means: zero sales. No one knows it is there, and even if you inform, you will not sell much. Why? Because people never bought anything in life based on information, but based on emotions, as you already know.

So you need to plan a launching in the same way that you would plan an ambush, but in reverse.

It is natural to be the contrary, since no one wants to be ambushed, but everyone loves good surprises.

Instead from doing everything in secret, you tell your “opponent” whatever you’re doing. You are going to give information, little, and be very enthusiastic. Show him how it will be, what will change, how he will finally learn to have results, etc..

And you’re doing all this during a launch campaign that will last at least a week.

The secret is not very strong pressure: Many testimonies, allegations, two or three emails a day for a week. No. Nobody can handle a lot of pressure for a long time. Your people will not read your emails and attending your circles.

The secret is “increasing pressure”: starts small and ends strong. You can do this in many ways, but I’ll give you a schedule that works.

Make a list of subjects that youmention in your ebook and that you know will lead your audience “running high” if they purchase. What best corresponds to the satisfaction of their desires.

– Find allies who propagate your message. Can be yours if you have affiliates, or friends. Accurate the more the merrier.

Establish a lauch plan that covers these 5 steps:

1 – Demonstrate the “how.” How will your audience have the realization of their desires, through your ebook. Give examples of content. This step may take 30% of the time. In a week long campaign: two days: two emails.

2 – Give previous results. Use a part of your ebook, one of the ones that will give results to the person if he follows the instructions and teach it for free, implying that it is part of the content (“sampling”). Your audience gets to know that if you are “giving as good content as this for free, imagine what will be there, in the payed part!” Dedicate another 30% of the time to launch this phase. Another 2 days, 2 emails.

3 – List the objections. You can even give examples of your story or emails you’ve received, or you can even imagine. This is the stage where you verify the objections that people might have in relation to your product and answer them all. Do this not in the form of objections but “frequently asked questions”. Dedicate 15% of the time to this stage. Another 2 days, 3 emails.

4 – Explain how and why your product is different from anything that the reader has seen. Explain why the reader hasn’t previously obtained results and why he will get results now. Here, gather testimonies of members of the public, partners or credible people, talking about the anticipation and excitement that will be to have this product. 1 day, 2 emails.

5 – Display the product explaining why it is appropriate to the reader, why it is different and special and he must have this book or course, or cd. Say how important it is for people to be one of the first to buy (gives a irresistible bonus), and conveys a sense of scarcity: only x copies will be sold, or the bonus is only for the top 20, for example.

Dedicate to this phase 5% of the time of lauching. Last day 2 emails.

The last day is amazing: you need to have a launch date and time, you can even have a countdown on your site indicating how much longer.

You send three or four emails, do a new video, and fill up your Facebook profile and fan page, promote the location (site) date and time, gather testimonies from people showing anticipation and excitement with the launching.

This way you can ensure a good amount of sales on the first day.

Imagine the waste of money and impact if you decided to make a “discreet” lauching! No.

Lauching is like a signal of an ambush attack or a penalty in a football match, it has to be “devastating” and almost impossible to defend.

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