Now you’re reaching the end, it’s time to start from the begining, if you remember the initial tip: “read it all, then start again.”

You are about to start a true adventure.

It will bring you much joy and abundance, mixed with despair, failure and disappointment.

Don’t worry: it’s better to have a disappointment than to never have a dream.

And remember this: there are no inoquos facts: every victory and every defeat can contribute to your success or your failure, depending on what you do with them.

Robin Sharma says “nothing fails like success”, illustrating the idea that success can paralyze you in the illusion that you arrived somewhere. On the other hand failure can give you a clearer view of reality and transport you to a dimension of real results.

So: don’t trust the victories or fear the defeats: you will have one or the other and both will contribute to your success.

Before starting the work you need to plan your results.

Do not fall into the trap of “I give my best and whatever happens, happens” because if you do it the more certain things is things you don’t want will start happening. Believe me, I know of what I speak.

Grab your notebook and write:



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