Put an ambitious goal. Play big.

Many people have no ambitions because they fear failure and do not realize that the first failure was not to have put ambitious goals at the very beginning .

They began already failed.

Not you .

A friend of mine who I greatly admire , was drawing his plan of action along with me and put as a goal to, in 5 years, buy a boat of 12 meters. He loves the sea. I thought it fantastic, but still I thought to myself that if someone was on the outside watching us, he would find it ridiculous for a person who earns the minimum wage to be dreaming so high.

The fact is that no one is talking about dreams.

A dream is what you have when you’re asleep or absorbed in thought and in desire. This is a dream and has nothing to do with reality .

However from the moment in which you put the dream on paper, draw a plan and you execute this plan, it transforms into a goal.

And goals have a spectacular feature: they tend to become reality.

You have to be careful about one thing though: That your goal has to be something you ache for from the depths of your being.

Note: it’s no use writing ” I want to get rich .” This is not a goal, it is a dream and has nothing to do with reality . If you’re thinking in terms of reality it’s more accurate to write: ” I want to have a million in my bank account in 2 years “, if that is your wish .

Also it’s no use writing: ” I want to end world hunger .” This is also only a wish. To transform it into a goal , you need to formulate it differently. Something like: ” I want to give all the meals to a thousand hungry people every day, within 5 years. ”

” I want to be a doctor ” also isn’t worth it , or ” I want to be famous”. You need to put as much detail in your goal : Doctor of what? In which university? For what purpose ?

Or, in the case of ” being famous “, you have to decide what kind of fame you intend , here how long and how can you measure this fame ( by number of fans on facebook? For TV appearances or magazine covers?

Another typical case is ” I want to travel .” But you must agree that, as a goal , it leaves much to be desired . You have to be more specific: where, with whom , how long , how often.

If you noticed, not only in these examples but in all you can get, the goals always fall into one of three categories. They’re always something you want to:

1 – Have

2 – Be

3 – Do/Make

To work, it must be ethical , intrinsically good, that gives you a good feeling of personal accomplishment and makes you feel like you’re making a positive mark in the world .

Dreams based on greed , selfishness , envy and the like, will work against you sooner or later . Do not ask me why, but if you feel that somehow what you want is not good for something or someone, choose another dream that does not have these emotional straw-tails that sabotage you quickly.

The secret is that they are always the most specific as possible with as much detail and true: that corresponds with what you really, really, want .

I will detail a bit on this topic  because it’s important: ” something you really, really, really want “. Pay attention to not wish for things you think you want and that, after all, don’t say anything to you anyway.

I had a friend who was ” pressured ” into buying a Porsche because he was making good money and, supposedly, the boast was ” good ” for his multilevel business. He confided to me that he did not like that particular car but was under pressure . A few weeks later I heard him say to other people he had finally realized his childhood dream that was to have a Porsche. I think he interpreted other people’s goals and paid dearly for it (yes, Porsches do not grow on trees ).

Make sure that your desire is really yours and that it’s very strong.

Otherwise what might happen is that in a few years , after you’ve given your best, worked like crazy, moved heaven and earth to accomplish your goal, you notice that you were working on the wrong goal, that you climbed the mountain but after all it was another one you should have climbed.

This happens to almost everyone I know and who does not plan their life. They work 40 years doing things that aren’t important to them, trying to survive. On the way sacrificing health, family, their dreams (“after all they were only unattainable dreams ” ). They haven’t left their mark on anything , did not live with a purpose.

They spent their whole life climbing the wrong mountain, serving the purposes and goals of someone else, but not theirs.

That’s why it’s important to plan before you go to into the battlefield.

Ok already have your dream written in the notebook ? Fantastic. Now let’s turn it into “goal “.

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