The size of your dream doesn’t really matter .

All of them are reachable.

All you need is a method of action that makes it achievable.

The plan is in fact very simple. And it starts with asking questions (questions are powerful!). Write:

1 – Why haven’t you conquerd that goal yet?

a. What I need to have, be or do? ( make a list )

b . What is it that depends on other people to have , be or do? (make a list)

2 – What are the intermediate steps that you can establish ? (example: to have a million in the account , you need to before that know how to have 500 000 , and before that , 100 000 , and before that , 10 000 ) .

a. Establishing the number of steps that you better see fit, until the simplest can be achieved within one week .

b . Collect resources ( learning things , studying ) .

c . Attends events ( know people , create experiences ) .

d. Find who can guide you ( one or more mentors ) .

e. Put everything on paper : all the intermediate steps , deadlines and resources ( means of study , events and people) .

3 – Make a plan to accomplish this little goal within the deadline (up to one week).

a. ” What have I to do daily so than within a week I have accomplished the result? ” ( make a list )

b . Put these tasks in daily schedule and fulfill them religiously .

Speaking of ” religiously “, do not think I’m a fanatic. No. I just think you need complete and total focus on what you intend so that you can achieve it. Remember we talked about the pillars to having a balanced and happy life? Your dream must be attuned to these pillars .

You can not be happy chasing money if your family is suffering. Or your health , or your spiritual needs .

Do not forget : when you’re playing with your son , you’re not working in finance, but in human relationships and in your emotional life. Also this is a dimension that you need to take care of so that things hit right in the end .

The problem is when you work when it’s time to rest, or play when it would be time to work .

That’s why the agenda is so important: it doesn’t lie.

Here is the truth about your future: What you do in a day, is the mirror of your life five years from now .

So is it time to get time in it for all the important things to you.

Once you have a big goal in front of you have and divided it into small cells, which you can finish in a week, go back to dividing into tasks that you can put on the agenda, with start time and end time.

Fill the agenda.

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