A Why is an objective, but it is also much more than that. It is the reason why you do what you do. Seen from another perspective, it’s by doing what you’re doing that you fulfil your purpose.

It’s kind of fish with biting its own tail:

you do because you dream and you dream because you do.

You’ve already discovered that, once you have your reason well established, you need a plan of action. The very word Realization means “to turn into reality”.

So, a goal becomes real through action (realization).

If you don’t act you do not have a goal, you have a desire.

And let me tell you one thing: the desires never come true.

Without action nothing is done, but a desire, with an action plan in place, is no longer a wish and becomes a goal.

Anyway, semantics aside, what is a fact is that you now have a mission: To be free and make a positive impact in the world. You can call it, “leaving a legacy”.

You’re probably feeling, coming to this moment of reading, that ” it was not for this that I started reading this blog.” Maybe not. You are now reading because you intend to be a recognized guru on the Internet and it turns we are talking here of purpose, mission, direction for life.

The one thing that has what to do with the other? Everything. Absolutly everything.

To be a SP it’s much more important that you extend the soul than the bank account, to work on yourself more chasing income.

But, before exploring in detail this subject you need to know what personal resources you have in there, the “oil.”


Let’s explore your skills and needs.

It’s not in the time of war that the guns are clean, so before we go lets supply the cellars.

Everyone likes to follow who is going somewhere. If you are that person, you will have many followers.

The interest in having followers is not to swell up your ego but rather so you can have on hand many people who you can be helpful to.

This is more important than it might seem at first glance. Let us check your rifles, or list your personal resources. Write in your notebook the following list and put a + (plus) if the answer is positive, put a sign – (minus) if the answer is negative. Let’s avoid the “more or less”.

Here’s the list:

– There is one (or more) things that give me immense pleasure and in which I know I’m very good, or at least well above average? What? ______________________________________________

– I read or listen to audio, or watch videos of positive authors every day.

– I practice some sort of daily meditation.

– I’m always looking for ways to improve myself in something.

– I like a challenge, to learn and do new things.

– I have a great passion, something I love to do and could do all day without fatigue: What


– I like the contact with computers and love the Internet.

– I love teaching what I know.

– I like to meet new people.

– I create empathy easily with strangers.

– I’ve been told that I’m a born leader.

– I’ve bought at least 2 or 3 things online.

. – I participate in affiliate systems.

– I like to write and make videos and publish my content regularly online.

– I have my own domain (s).

– I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. (If you don’t, go create them quickly and then come back here and mark this item with a “+”)

– I have a list of Opt-In contacts (who have specifically requested to receive your content: a list of emails from hotmail or gmail does not count).

– I have a system to capture contacts (capture pages, forms, fan page on Facebook)

– I know what a marketing funnel is.

– I have one (either itself or third parties)

– I made my own product (ebook, course, video or series of videos) to offer online.

– I’ve done my own product (ebook, course, video or series of videos) to sell online.

After you do this check up on your circumstances, you will have an idea about what you lack. All the minus signs (-) must be transformed into more plus signs (+) in the course of your reading and practicing the Instant Guru.

Have no illusions, you have to be an expert to be recognized as one.

You won’t be able to fool anyone by trying to make you go by something you are not.

What doesn’t lack on the Internet are people like that, but are detectable by distance.

You need to be a facilitator of knowledge. You have to be a manufacturer of contents.

One day I saw the documentary “The Secret” and was very confused at the time. Do not know if you saw it, if not, I recommend it. In this documentary I’ve heard many SP say that it was enough to launch a request to the universe, like Aladdin, and it would answer always, without fail, like a genie lamp. Who said it was Joe Vitale, a stranger to me then. Many others echoed the same idea. I loved the movie, I showed it to several people and liked to ask them: “what is the movie” The Secret ” about? Almost all said to me it was about positive thinking (About 80%) or it was about the power of the mind.

I was admired by these answers because neither one thing nor the other was what I learned watching that movie.

What I learned was a lesson in the movie provided by Jack Canfield, author of the bestseller “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and another in “The Secret To Love” when the girl is on the beach, is invited to go along with that group of friends and, after hesitating for two seconds, grabs her things and goes.

I learned two important things, the two most important of the film, in these two scenes.

At first Jack Canfield is telling how he would like to make a million dollars, how he thought that if he could sell a lot of books “Chicken Soup for the Soul” he could achieve this objective. The problem was to sell the books. He kept an open mind to all possibilities, focused on that objective. One day, after giving a lecture at a university, came to him a journalist for a newspaper of general circulation, impressed with the lecture. Wanted to make an interview with him. As a result of this interview, his notoriety exploded, sales gained breakneck speed. He was invited to give lectures, speaking on television programs across the country. At the end of the period had achieved his million dollars.

What I learned was the following:

If he had not written the book he could have never earned his million.

Furthermore, if it had been written but he didn’t give the lecture at the university, and had no patience to stay late and have found the journalist, if he had not given an interview, and then if he had not spent weeks and weeks on the road touring the country promoting the book he would never have achieved his objective.

It only took “placing the order at the supermarket of the Universe” and the million fell into his arms? Of course not!

What happened? He did everything that is explained in “The Secret”, positive thinking, motivation, faith, etc.. but …

had written a book, had credibility in the academic world to be invited to give a lecture in which he met a journalist, then went out of his comfort zone and gave it all in promotion.

The so-called “Universe” will never give you what you ask for if you do not create the conditions for it to happen.

That’s what made Jack Canfield: Create conditions. And that’s what you are now learning how to do: creating conditions for your desires to manifest.

The second story, the girl on the beach, I’ll summarize it quickly if you have not read the book or seen the movie:

“A girl was looking for a boyfriend, she was lonely and could not find anyone. Launched her request to the Universe and remained alert to the opportunities. One day at the beach, she was alone reading a book when a ball came against it. A little further a group of young boys and girls, were playing. She took the ball and threw it back to the group and then one of the guys in the group invited her to join them. They played together. When they finished, they all went away and the girl’ from the story went back to her place, to the beach with her book, alone. Then the guy just asked her to go with them. She hesitated, hesitated, but went.”

The film does not tell the rest of the story of the girl, but leaves in mind a happy ending.

The teaching that I took from it was that the universe does not give you the answers, nor things, but an opportunity for you to conquer.

You need to be aware and when you are given the opportunity, act.

Act quickly because opportunities never remain long knocking at your door and they never repeated.

The universe likes speed.

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