Hello, my name is Rui Gabriel and I am co-founder of Lazy Millionaires League from the Empower Network.

My enthusiasm is very big.

Things are really happening at a very high speed and you can not miss this unique opportunity for you to become the person of your dreams, to have the recognition, appreciation and money.

Today I want to talk about just that:

What is it to be a Guru?

There are three fundamental habits that the people who have this character and earn money from it.


A guru does these three things: personal development, daily production and a busy schedule.

  1. Personal Development: You can not neglect your personal development, every day in all important areas of life, from health, relationships, professional knowledge, professional and spiritual development. You must feed in all these areas of life daily. This is personal development, it’s you investing in your product that is yourself.
  2. Daily production: Every day you must produce content, every day you need to write something, do a video, communicate with someone, organize something, collaborate with someone. You must be present every day and every day put something out there.
  3. Having a busy schedule. This derives from second point. If you have two things to do in a day, surelly you’re not being productive in regard to your project. You need to have a busy schedule. Have things to do every hour of the day and, of course, this means having an agenda. It is very important to have a schedule and know how to handle it and prioratise what you have to do.

This content was transcribed from recordings provided Rui Gabriel.


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