Knowing what to do to achieve our dreams is sometimes difficult, but sometimes it is even more difficult to know what kind of people to avoid, what type of content to chase away, what people must you not associate with, what you should not do, or think or say.

All the things you think, do, say, and all your associations are with people, events, ideas, emails, content, etc.. everything, even all, contributes to promote you or harm you. Nothing is innocuous.

The fact that you can talk to someone or write a post or a comment on Facebook about this article, you will associate yourself with some ideas on the part of your audience. Hopefully positive, if your goal is to become  recognized, appreciated and paid.

All your associations have a hold on your online reputation.

Imagine a supporter of animal rights, who wants to be recognized as a champion of the cause, going where are the abusers of these same animals go or having fun with them, participating in their social networks, enjoying the same tastes and activities! Or a person who is preaching online ethics and sending chain emails and spaming. Or another who wants to be recognized as an Internet Marketer reference, spending days playing social games on Facebook.

Everything you think, do, demonstrate and all the people with whom you associate with, movements that you conect to or endorce, pages that you comment on or events sponcer, they have to serve your purpose and you need to choose them carefully because, just so you know:they either serve you or harm you.


To help you tune your potentiometer of benefit / loss, I’ll give you some tips.

Things you should never include in your online activities:

– Pelagerism: to spread content that is not yours but giving the idea that the author was you. Whether you say it directly or not. If the reader get the idea that you are the author of something and you are not in fact, this is a big “no-no”.
– Use other people’s ideas without giving proper credit. Obviously, if you read or saw something useful and important you can and should echo this idea. You can even draw on top of it and improve your content with your vision, experience and personal knowledge. Nevertheless we should give credit to who inspired you and you must mention this in your content.
– Have the sole purpose of your own interest. When you comment a blog, or you leave a mark on the wall of another person you must not take advantage of that to just promote your link or your website. It’s a lack of respect to take advantage of the other person’s traffic, her friends and literally, her job for you to promote yourself. Leave there something valuable to contribute to the credit of the person who wrote the article or who owns the fan page or social profile.
– Send SPAM. This is always a contentious issue. One thing is what is considered “legally” spam. Quite another is what is perceived as annoyance by recipients of emails. If you send emails to people and these people do not have expressly requested to receive your messages, on the subject of the email, whatever you send them, is spam. No matter if the person you sent an email earlier and spamed you, if you and her are on lists of spammers if added removal instructions or a copy of the ordinance “don’t-know-what” that establishes what is or not spam. What you do not want is to invade the space of another person without having been invited.
– Doings echo of everything and anything. Now you talk about internet marketing, in an hour you are asking for a cow for your farm in farmville, then you are against bullfighting, then gay rights, after that domestic violence, then the fight against drugs and against juvenile delinquency, then against child labor, then defend an opportunity to make money fast, and at the end of the day comment a day of drinking with friends. The next day redirect a chain email, spread rumors and talk of a new affiliate product, after another multilevel marketing.

All the things mentioned are things “not-to-do”.

That’s what the unoccupyed do, they occupy themselves.

You do not. You doon’t occupy yourself, you are productive.

You have a focus, a purpose and whatever you publish has a clear intention.

You are a leader who is leading your audience in a certain direction.

Does that mean you can not associate with activities, events, movements of civic or humanitarian character? Of course you can.

But when you do, choose wisely and act in depth, to create impact. Not to play parrot and repeat everything that others are repeating.



– Service.

Do not know if you remember, but Jim Rohn told me one day that I made exactly what I deserved and that if I wanted to make more money, I would need more value to the market. At that time I did not understand that. I thought that my work had a intrinsic value and not me. Then I began to see that there were people giving advice and charging 1000 euros per hour and others to do the same and charge 1000 euros per month. The difference was abysmal. The only explanation I found for it were the words of Jim Rohn.

Someone knows something so valuable that there are people willing to pay fortunes to have this knowledge.

This is the principle behind the Instant Guru. Jean Paul Getty said that the secret to success was to “get up early, work hard and find oil.” These three conditions, the first two are obvious, easy and simple, and a good portion of people do it. Here we talk about the third: discover your oil.

All success begins and ends with this word: service.

The more people you serve and the best you serve them, more success you will have.

It’s like this with all the people, companies, organizations: more and better service: more success.

Now you need to know how can you serve, you have to figure out whom to serve and how.

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