“Work on your job to survive and on yourself to become financially independent.” – Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn, who I had the privilege to talk to in person several times, always says one thing: “You earn exactly what you deserve. If you want to earn more you have to become more valuable to the market.”

Being quite clear and simple, this concept is not, however, very obvious.

We all have the temptation to envy Cristiano Rolando and his 800.000 euros monthly salary. 90% of the population thinks it scandalous that someone earns that much money, but one thing is certain: he has this value to the market. If the club that pays him had damage with the player they would send him away.

The interesting thing is that he is neither more nor less than any of us, besides in the value it has in the market.

However he wasn’t born this way, no, his parents and himself kept making choices, some big, but most of them small, that gave him value.

And this is something that anyone can do. Are you going to earn as much as CR7?

That is possible, and it may not. If you become as valuable as it will receive as much as he.

How can you add value to yourself to this point? I explain:

Choose an industry that is at the beginning of a trend. If it’s at the peak or at the end of the trend, you’re missing the target.

Let me explain: Can you get an ultra-efficient and cheaper way to manufacture televisions with kinescope, and you’re very excited. Do not forget that the current trend hates kinescopes. This is technology that the market no longer wants and you will surely fail even though you had a good product at good price. Everyone wants plasmas or LCD. We, on the other side in full trend of “Wellness” and ” The Age of Knowledge”. These are two of the hottest trends today. Position yourself correctly.

Study and learn everything there is to know about the companies with which you’ll associate.

Check which are the conditions of success and learn these skills.

If you need to learn accounting, learn. If you need to learn to speak in public, learn. If you need to master Google Adwords, or how to write well, or to make effective blogs …. learn.

Share your knowledge, generously and selflessly. Expose yourself.

Show what you know.

No need to try to pass as an expert when you’re a beginner, but show yourself as a beginner, a student, a expert or a master, depending on the actual position that you are in.

Do the previous steps continuously, without thinking if the results are or are not appearing: they will appear. Keep the mind alert for opportunities when they arise and never neglect to give 100% of yourself in everything you do.

Follow these 4 easy steps, with consistency and persistence. Every day you become more and more valuable: by what you learn and what you shared.

One day you will see many fruits of your work and golden opportunities will start to emerge beyond your most optimistic dreams.

Now you might think: “If you simply follow the 4 steps that are so easy, why are there so few rich?” The answer is simple: “What is easy to do is even easier not to do.”

And, if you notice, only one person in every 20 has the stubbornness to continue to value themselves and improve themselves, even if they do not see any practical results for a long time. 95% drop out.

It’s you’re choice. This is the easiest and simplest way to achieve financial freedom and, hence, of life. At least that I know of. If you know otherwise, I’m all ears.

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