“You missed it by this much.” – TV Ad.

If you follow the day-to-day life of a very successful person and the next day an average person you will not see many different things. Most of the time they are both sleeping, working, eating, hanging out with family and friends and devoted to their hobbies.

What then makes one of them is rich and the other poor?

It’s like saying: if we all have noses, ears, eyes and mouth, why is one of my neighbors “hot” and I’m “a car accident”?

The difference is in the details.

Throughout life a human being makes 6-10 vital decisions, those that are life-altering. But on a normal day a human being makes about 4000 decisions. No very important ones. Decisions like:

– How to occupy these 10 free minutes, say this or say that to that person, think this or that, read this book or watch the news, go out with those friends or with these ones, drink a beer or drink some juice, eat a hamburger or salad, make a half-hour jog or go see my favorite novel or series, I’m going to study a little, or talk about football, cars and women with friends, etc..

If you noticed, all these decisions are possible and are neither positive or negative.

But if you want to be rich and decide 3900 times to do things that do not prepare you or approach you to your desire of wealth will never be more than a dream.

On the other hand if you start deciding 3900 times to learn, get ready, you seek the right influences and act accordingly, you will see that, little by little, you’ll build a fortune of abundance in all aspects of life that you propose yourself.

You just have to pay all your attention on the “this much.”

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