“Since you have to think anyway, think big.” – Donald Trump

This attitude is a powerful attitude: something will happen anyway, and, as is inevitable, it might as well be beneficial. If this attitude comes into your day-to-day you will gain abundance in all aspects of your life.

Many practical examples. Since you have to:

  • Spend one hour in traffic, listen personal development audios.
  • Age, make it healthy.
  • Put up with the boss, learn as much about his business.
  • Have employees, become their friend.
  • Go to school, learn all you can.
  • Spend money, invest it in yourself first.
  • Work, work to become owner of yourself.
  • Have internet, use it also to make money.
  • Eat, eat healthy.
  • Go somewhere, walk and avoid the elevators.
  • Have fun, cultivate lasting relationships.
  • Go to the bathroom, read a book, one page at a time.
  • Talk to people you do not like, do it with sympathy.
  • Being dressed, use your style.
  • Going to a party under obligation, have fun in it.
  • Talk to a customer, do it cheerfully.
  • Resolving a personal situation, do it right now.
  • Be rich someday, begin today.

Did you know that we spend about a third of our life (time awake) to support things that we reject and which do not take the least advantage of?

This is called “down time” ( useless time). But you have the extraordinary ability to turn “down time” in “up time”, in other words: if you want, you can triple your usable lifetime simply turning “useless” moments into “useful”.

Imagine the power of this: each month you earn another 10 days. Your year goes from only 365 days to 486! You’ll reach the age of 60 but lived as much as a person of 80!

And that lame excuse of “not have time”?! Never again will you use it because you know you have time for everything.

I do not know what you think, but to me this is interesting.

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