One day, I was reading the story of success of McDonalds and noticed something new to me: a large multinational fast food franchising actually makes more money with real estate than with burgers!

It is a curious fact, but true.

As a rule the company owns the building or the grounds of the restaurant and the franchisee pays rent. What does this have to do with our subject? Nothing but, as I will talk a little about the example of McDonalds, I tought it was an interesting fact.

Let’s take Mcdonalds as example of importance of having a Ferrari.

 The McDonalds franchise is one of the most expensive on the planet. It is natural, it is also one of the most successful.

    What I want to point out is that it is not because they make the best burgers in the world, not because they have the best table service even the best locations. No.  

The immense success of McDonalds is because it has become a successful business model through a duplicable method.

This method is extremely accurate and covers all aspects of business, from the location of the restaurant, to the stocking, moving naturally by suppliers, and ways of cooking food.

All restaurants do everything precisely the same way.

A big-mac in Lisbon has exactly the same taste and the same ingredients of a Big Mac in Bahrain or Korea or the United States or Brazil.

You could now open a restaurant and sell burgers.

You could even invest heavily in quality and do a much better burgers, best potatoes, best atmosphere, best decoration.

The fact is that you can never compare your success with McDonalds on the corner simply because the owner of this restaurant has bought an efficient and fully organized business and you have to take all the risk on your own.

You can realize the importance of a method that gives predictable results.

One thing to do is make attempts, to spend time and money for months or years looking for a solution, or find out who has this solution and simply buy it.

Just before you checked if you had Guru DNA and you came to the conclusion that you do.

Of course, as being a Guru is not in the genes. Nor is it in the intelligence or skills.

It is rather something which can be achieved by any person desiring to do so, provided that there is a method.

The said Ferrari.

That’s what you have ahead of you. The method, the Ferrari. Enjoy it well.

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