– Some people have a knack for some things and if they work more and better than all others, may be the number 1 in a given area.

– Other people have no apparent natural talent, but if they work more and better than everyone else, they may also be number 1 in their respective areas.

Have you noticed that, in both cases, the key is to “work harder and better”? Yes, the secret is to work, but not only working hard, working smart.

It’s not the people who work hard that have much success.

My uncle said: “I Work so many hours every day that I do not have time to make money.”

I like the analogy of the donkey and the Ferrari:

You can be a tireless worker, a ‘genius capsule “but if your vehicle is an ass, you’ll never move faster than a step. You can beat up the ass all you want, but it is not in their nature to run at 300 km per hour, no mater how much you beat it. On the other hand, if you’re in a Ferrari, it just takes a little touch on the accelerator to advance so quickly like lightning.

The vehicle is as important as the talent and work.

In the questionnaire you checked your rifles. You can have many weapons, few or none, this really does not determine your outcome, it only determines your route.

In the critical conditions of your success as a guru are, in ascending order of importance: least, the talent, then work, and finally the most important: the system or method that brings predictable results.

The talent and work balance each other.

More talent and more work meens better results if you use a proper system (Ferrari). Little talent, is compensated with more work.

After attending the Conservatory of Music of the Algarve as a student of classical guitar, I  was a music teacher in some schools. In one of these classes I had a student whom I, in my ignorance, I did not pay much attention to and did not give great value. He had digger’s hands: stubby fingers and calloused hands. He couldn’t sing to save his life. To him all the notes were the same. He had a hard ear and he even had trouble distinguishing the height of the notes of a diatonic scale. If there were auditions in that school to select students, he never would have entered.

  What is a fact is that I have never seen anyone with so much passion for the guitar or so much working capacity. For a whole year he was continually behind compared to all other students. Colleagues (and myself too) treated him with condescedence. Pondered several times asking him what he waas doing there and if he didn’t want give up, because he didn’t have the faintest spark of talent and mave me feel sorry to see him struggling so much. Never told him, still do not know why, but good thing I didn’t.

 The fact is that in the second year after the summer break, Zeca was at the level of other students. Had been on vacation studying and practicing, while others went to the beach and parties. At the end of the second year he was the best student, at the end of the third he started playing in public for money and became undoubtedly a good musician, far above any of the others, some of them very talented.

What caused the Zeca to work so hard for so long, even while not seeing any results? I never asked.

But I learned this lesson:

A successful person does things that the losers are not willing to do.

Success has little to do with talent.

There’s no shortage of talented and failed people. This story serves the purpose of puting you at ease in regard to the talent and the work. Both are important but the work is more.

As you saw earlier in this chapter, “everything is learned”, including being a guru. In the previous chapter have identified your current circumstances: your talents and the work already done.

Then we’ll talk about the Ferrari, the system. We’re going in parts and in order.

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