You need to know what kind of reference will be you to your audience (even if you are not already aware who is your audience).

There are basically three types of “gurus” (thanks to Brendon Burchard):
1 – The one who knows the how
2 – The one with Results
3 – The Model of Conduct

Do not be contaminated by the myth that “anyone who does not have results can not teach.”

Simply not true.

So many people of great caliber are real gurus in areas which they do not have any personal results. One of the best examples is Napoleon Hill, the author of the best-selling  “Think and Grow Rich”. When he wrote and published the book you think he was rich? No.

So where did the authority to speak on the subject come from?

Why do people buy today and bought the book, were the author teaches how to supposedly get rich, when he is not rich himself?

That authority came to him from knowledge.

To write the book, he conducted hundreds of interviews with hundreds of millionaires. With their responses he drew several conclusions, procedures and methods that brought wealth. Then he put these concepts organized into a book form and published “Think and Grow Rich”.

It is natural that you, for example, if you’re starting this adventure of Personnal Marketing, you might not have great results yet to show (or you might) but you need to know that you can be a guru, a guiding spirit, illuminater of people , without you even still haven’t gone all the way or even if you haven’t gained a single cent.

Ideally you will come to accumulate the three forms of “expertise”, so you’ll do well to know them very well in the next articles and start working on them.

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