“Clocks slay time … time is dead while being trounced by small sprockets, only when the clock stops does time come back to life.” – William Faulkner

Aristotle said that “time is the measure of motion”, that is, time and motion rotate around each other.

Of all the riches you possess the greatest of these is time.

It’s not money, which is a great wealth or health, which also is not bad, nor love, nor relations, nor work, nor rest, nor the quality of life. It’s time.

The problem is that the time runs out, right?

Every second is irreplaceable, right?

Yes, if you think the time measured by the clock, which measures what you do (your movement). This is the time that you spend.

But another time, one that does not spend, a live time escaping the jaws of the clock. This is the time of the soul.

I see in your face that I was not clear enough. Ok, I’ll try again:

there is a time for the body, busy with “doing things”, measured by clocks, rotations and translations of the Earth. This time begins the moment a sperm winner celebrates victory in a night out with the beautiful “ovulate”. Starts the counting: cell division, days, weeks, rhythm, months, birth, time of eating, sleeping, making some jokes, eating, sleeping, doing a few more jokes, and so for 80 years eating, sleeping and make jokes. Well, these jokes will be modifying: they’re called walking, talking, learning, working, making love, making money, achieving goals, etc.. They are all funny business that began with the first smile and end with the last breath.

This is linear time, unrepeatable, born with a bag of it, but the bag is ruptured and drops a grain at a time. Next thing you notice it’s empty. So, to maintain the illusion that we dominate the bag, we invented a machine that measures these little grains we called clocks.

It’s like an earthquake: destruction, panic, dead and wounded, buildings caved, cracks in the floor. A tragedy. But after we learned that the epicenter was about 200 miles from the site, and had a magnitude of such a point on the Richter scale, no longer seem so dramatic. It is for this reason that they give names to hurricanes, to give us the illusion that we control. And by the way, it’s also for this reason that in the Bible it’s the man who gives names to all creation (symbolizing his dominion over it) and is also why, even in the Jewish Bible, the name of God can not be pronounced, because nobody dominates God.

Well, I scattered a bit, but I will continue with the time.

We invented clocks to master the time and put it to our service.

He gets revenge, by running out.

In it live schedules and calendars, tasks and hard work. The “sweat”.

But there is another time, one that escapes the clocks.

Some scientists call it “psychological time” to give the idea that by giving it a name, the control, but this time is uncontrollable. Already tried it when you lived experience ravishing. The clocks have disappeared, the rules have changed. When this bill had passed two hours, but you have not gone more than a few minutes or so, you tried so many things and after all, it’s only been a few minutes, when finally you look at the clock.

This is the time of the soul, the time of creativity, passion and enthusiasm, and especially of “inspiration”, “in-piration”, “in-spirit”.

The best thing is that this time is not limited, and as there is no end, can not be measured.

When I was a student of classical guitar had a German professor named Gotze. He said the sentence of Segovia who entered the common vocabulary: “Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.” This phrase is often used to devalue the talent and demonstrate that you simply need to work hard to be successful, but that’s not what it says. What it says is that you need the finite time of the clock, body time, the action, the perspiration, but also you need the time of the soul, creativity, inspiration, living “in-spiritu”, “in-spirit”.

Not sure how you’ll do this, but that is really your problem.

I am sure you will not have problems in finding a way to add a little “inspiration” to your “perspiration”.

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