“Serve freely and you will not be a servant.” – Menander

-You were taught to fight for your interests.


-To not let anyone take advantage of you for their own benefit.


-To take advantage of as many people as possible.


-To give a little something to some one in need.


-To influence the behaviors of others.

Five stars.

-To be served by the largest possible number of people.

Very well.

And yet you were taught to despise those who have humble jobs. To treat  as “lord” or “lady” the executive and as “you” the garbage man or the homeless or the coats seller Moroccans who go from door to door. To think that you are the center of the world that you do not fight for your interests no one will fight for you and you will be eaten by this dog world.

I do not think I have to say it again: If you see dogs in the world, your world will be dog. See other posts on this blog, do not speak of anything else, pratically.

What you were not taught to do was to serve.

And until you learn to do that you’ll never find a hidden side of the world full of delicious things: taking care of someone and let them take care of you, to collaborate rather than compete, to teach rather than book knowledge, make sure you have all that you need and you’re the one who verifies it and takes action.

You will be enormous if you take the “service” as a way of life. I remember again Jim Rohn “to be great is to serve many” and ” if you have not won enough it’s because you don’t serve enough people”

Search and find a way to work based on service.

Become “slave” of all and you will be greater than all.

I know this may seem a little strange, and it is, but I assure you that few things are as true.

Strangely …

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