Ideally you will come to accumulate the three forms of “expertise”, so you’ll do well to know them very well in the next articles and start working on it.

First things first way:

To be a specialist in a particular subject, you need to know a lot about this subject. You do not have to know everything, but there is definitely required that you have much more knowledge than most because only then you can add value to your audience.

A knowledgeable guru is someone who investigates a subject and becomes an expert.

A sports commentator does not have to be a virtuous player to see valued his opinion on the athletic performance of a player. A political commentator does not have to be or have been a stunning governor in order to give his opinion and get paid for it. Besides, what is more common is that advisers, commentators, coaches were not themselves experts in the execution of what comment on or advise or train. Do you think Jose Mourinho was an accomplished soccer player? And you think the fact that he can not be a great player keeps him from being the best coach in the world?

I think we’re clear.

Knowledge has value, and “a lot of knowledge” has a lot of value.

However, to become a guru from knowledge you can’t just start reading everything that appears in front of you. We are talking about method and this is what I will teach you.

There are three ways for you acquire knowledge:

  • By Study: Utilization of resources: books, magazines, newspapers, blogs, videos, discussion groups, fan pages, tv shows, etc.. Is all that you can use to study at home, in your free time through the media.
  • By Experience: By participating in events: events, courses, seminars, etc.. You need to physically go out of your normal environment and get involved with all five senses in an event. This is an experience. For example, a workshop: beyond the actual content, that you could even study at home by reading or by recorded lectures on video, you need to experience the event, immersing the concepts, the ideas, interaction with others, absorb energy from the environment. That’s why we continue to sell tickets to a football game, even if that particular game will go on live tv. The energy, the experience connects to our brain through every sense and not just by sight and hearing. The impact is tremendously deeper.
  • By Modelling: You can also learn through contact with other people, people who are naturally a reference for us, in the subject we want to develop: they are the mentors. Imagine what would be for a employee in IT to be able to spend quality time with Bill Gates? Or a coach with Mourinho? Or a player with Cristiano Ronaldo? Would it not be something unique and amazing being able to hang out with some of the most recognized in your sector of activity? Being able to accompany them at work, talk informally, ask questions, listen to suggestions, see him in action, learn the attitudes, ways of thinking, ways of solving problems? I studied with a guitar teacher called Gotze, who had studied with a teacher who had been a student of Emilio Pujol, one of the great gurus and teachers of classical guitar. He used to joke around saying that I was the great-grandson of Pujol. It was a joke, but saying it had an impact on my recognition among other fellow musicians (and they knew who Pujol was). If you are a business person, wouldn’t it be extraordinary to be apprentice to Richard Branson? If you are spiritual, the Dalai Lama? If you are a coach … ok, I will not speak more about Mourinho ready.

This form of learning is called “through modeling”, in other words, copying a model that has the knowledge you want to get.



To become a deeply knowledgeable in your speciality, the so called Knowledgeable Guru, or an “understander” on the matter you have tp have a plan.

This plan is as follows:

Daily you will dedicate a certain amount of time on your goal of becoming a Recognized, Appreciated and Paid Guru. At least 2 hours. If you do not have two hours a day to devote to this mission that’s because you don’t have your priroridades in tune with this objective.

I advise you to do what follows: either change your goal and forget this Guru story or reorganize your life according to your new priority.

  • Study: make the list of the top 10 books, cds, dvds, blogs, etc.. in your industry. Daily, dedicate 2/3 of your time to study these materials.
  • Experience: List the best events in your area. Lectures, seminars, courses, meetings, groups. Put them in order of importance. Then organize them by time: in which are you participating once a year, and participating in which each semester, every quarter, every month and every week. Organize your schedule of events and don’t leave empty holes. You have to participate in something live at least once a week.
  • Modelling: List of the 10 most influential people in your industry, those with whom you have a lot to learn with. Put the names on paper, by order of difficulty: the harder to reach first. After you look at the end of the list and begin there. Signup on their blogs, purchase their courses, books or dvds, read what they write and write what they say and do, verify what events they go to. The simplest way come into direct and personal contact is through an interview. Ask them for an interview on the topic that interests you. Some will be more difficult to obtain, others easier. Every time you can get one, do not forget to record it on video. It will be great for your reputation and serve as argument for other gurus of Reference to accept talking to you too. Probably some of them will be present at some event that you assist. If that is the case, see who who he speaks to and who he’s with, bring yourself closer to these people, exchange contacts and ideas.

The personal relationship part within your business sector is vital.

You have to hang out with the best and it all starts with a plan, then to put that plan into practice.

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