The second way of earning the recognition, appreciation and money of a specialist is through results.

Since it became attraction marketing “fashionable” that the Internet is covered in “experts.” Most of them in Internet Marketing or Network Marketing, which is natural because this medium provided a eager and enthusiastic public.

The blame for this proliferation of “experts” is the actual Attraction Marketing whose first postulate says the following:

“Become an expert in your area of ​​operation. Add value to your audience. You’re going to stop chasing prospects and it is they who will chase you. Stop chasing and you will be chased.”

Of course you have noticed that these articles deal with precisely this: to become a recognized, appreciated and paid expert.

One of the reasons that led me to write it was hearing, reading and seeing a bit everywhere speaking of  “being an expert” but nowhere is taught how to do this.

As a result we see many people trying to pass as something they are not, making sad figures, destroying the little credibility they still had. The most interesting is that no one has put them in this predicament, they did it themselves, and without any need.

All these people have high potential, but they lack the method.

Speaking of errors, one of the most common derives from the myth explained in a previous chapter, the one where it is necessary to have results for teaching.

This is a dangerous myth because if someone thinks they have to have results to be credible, they will undergo an intense temptation to invent the results.

Let’s pretend I earn x, I have this car or that house. Do some videos, I can even show my supposed Paypal account with I don’t know how many thousands of euros earned in 3 seconds.

There is nothing wrong in showing all these things if they are genuine.

But if you try to give the idea that because you follow a person you will have the same results, not only do you spread a lie but you’re also doing something that is unethical and illegal.

So pay close attention to the Guru of Results. To be one, the first thing you need is… results. If you don’t have them, go back to the previous article, until you do. If you have them already, let’s continue.

This type of expert is credible for one thing only: because it produces results.

He is an executive, a practicle, traveled the hard road of learning and practice, tested, made mistakes, lost a lot of time, money, energy invested will, intelligence, hard work, and managed to achieve something measurable.

People follow more easily someone who is living proof that what you say really works.

On the other hand, the responsibility is also enhanced. If someone follows a Guru of Knowledge, it’s to learn things, but if this person follows a Guru of Results it’s to have results.

This means you need to take in everything that you have, are and do, make a retrospection, introspection and other inspections to identify all the conditions, circumstances, methods, processes, procedures, which allowed you to get results.

Then you have to build a method: a Ferrari suitable to your circumstances.

It’s because of this Ferrari that people will follow you and give you the recognition, appreciation and money: a system that is teachable, adaptable to different circumstances of your audience and give predictable results.



Want to know how to turn your experience in a system that is teachable, adaptable and predictable? Take notes.

Evidently it is impossible to do a sample system here as this is something that does not exist. The very definition of a system implicates detail. But I can give you an idea that you will adapt to your reality.

1 – You need to abstract the details. If you have results doing something very specific and you can not generalize it in order to be adapted to different people living different realities, you do not have a system. You achieve recognition and appreciation for what you got, but you won’t get money. The people who surround you are happy for you, congradulate you, but will not pay you to teach them.
2 – Visualize your own route. Make a list of things you did with whom and where. The sites you visited, what you have learned and with whom. Remember the difficulties and how you passed them, take notes, make lists (and I didn’t like to do lists …). Take as long as you want, but you need to be clear about your path and all the resources you used.
3 – Do 30 minutes a lesson. Imagine that you are invited to give a 30 minute lecture about the secret of your success … to preadolescents. Prepares this class, give this class really to yourself and check if it takes 30 minutes. If it takes less, you need to enhance the details, if it takes longer, you need to decrease the details.
4 – Check if your class would be understood by your 12 years students  and if they could take advantage of it, put in practice tomorrow. The best methods are those that are understood by the greatest number of people. You do not have to level down, but you need to have a version “for geeks”, with a maximum of half an hour, which is the window of attention you will have in these cirtunstâncias. Doing this well done, you will do all the rest.
5 – Test. Record your class in audio or preferably video. You can show it to one or more of your mentors. Look at yourself and hear yourself. Get used to you figure on video and your voice. Check what is ok and what you need to improve, both in form and content.
6 – Make a version for three or four different niches with which you think to work with (your audience). For example, if you’re gonna be a Personal Development Guru, you can become a coach or a trainer and you can have executives as clients, or independent professionals, or unemployed looking for more skills. Make a precise version of your method in each case, 3 or 4 as an experiment. You start with your story (of course depending on the public that you address, you’ll tell different episodes) and you follow the plan. With this you can evaluate the elasticity of your method as well as its suitability for the market.

What content must you seek?

These are the questions of Revelation. The ones that will reveal what you most value (yes, another list):

-5 Things I learned in self-motivation? How do you keep yourself motivated forever, regardless of events.

-5 Things I learned about “leading people” and working as a team.

-5 Things I learned about managing my money.

-5 Things I learned about what it is to have a successful business.

-5 Things I learned about marketing, selling a product, or brand image.

-5 Things I learned about being a good partner in my intimate relationship.

-5 Things I learned about spirituality or a connection to something larger.

-5 Things I learned about decoration, good taste, fashion, organization.

-5 Things I learned about managing my life, my time, the activities and to be effective.

Most times, a guru is more valued if it is useful in one of these key areas. You need to have your system prepared for each of them (the questions of revelation of the previous paragraph relate to each one):
– Motivation
– Leadership
– Money and Finance
– Business
– Marketing
– Relationships
– Spirituality
– Style and image
– Productivity

As Guru of Knowledge first, and of results later , these themes will represent 90% of your acting areas.

Design your Ferrari to be super plastic. Then you will see that no matter how much plasticity you give it, you still have to adapt to each particular person (if you go that way).

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