For a personal business online 90 days is a magic period . Not sure why but it is typical to make 90 day plans for some reason.

I think it gives you time to start enthusiastically, to make mistakes, learn lessons, see what works and what does not work. It’s the perfect time to do experiments and draw conclusions.

Exactly 90 days ago (October 5, 2013) I bought my subscription of $ 25 in Empower Network and started a new online business.

I was fascinated with the 100% commissions on products from $ 25 to $ 3500. Who wouldn’t want to receive 100% commission on a $ 3500 product? I do!

I saw it was possible to achieve the impossibility of earning $ 1000 in a day and decided to do an experiment. Having heard of the 90 day plan, I decided to make a plan for 90 days and see what happened.


  •   I learned how to earn $ 1000 in one day and did it.

  •  I had contact with some of the most influential people in the Internet Marketing world and learned things from them that did not know existed.

  •  Along with other friends created a new work system that brought amazing results to hundreds of people.

  •  I gained so much on a personal level: skills, experiences and … Cash: $13,032.07

I feel that I’ve passed to another level! Like I said in another post, I eliminated the fear of the future, in fact, completely eliminated worries about the future. For that alone it would have been worth it.

But more than that, I feel that I have come to play an even bigger role, with more responsibility towards you.

How could I rest easy with my weekly check of more than $ 1,000 and grow, knowing that one day you had approached me, you had been reading my blog hoping to receive something good …

… how could I not tell you anything about the Empower Network or the way the system simple job is giving new hope to thousands of people?

If it were you, would you stay silent? Yeah, I can’t either.

The fact is, evaluating my life in these 90 days, I have eliminated the fear. Fear of not having money to pay bills, fear of the future, the crisis, the shortage … was over!

And I come to tell you with this article that for me, the time of the experiments is over, now it’s serious! For Real! And I will get you to make money on the Internet, EVEN IF ALL MY HAIR FALLS OUT!

To give me the opportunity to be helpful to you and you type yourself an email like this here in the next 90 days, you just have to take the first step ->

-> HERE.

2013 will be your year.

Rui Gabriel
Lazy Millionaire

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