“Abundance is not something we can acquire, it is rather a thing with which we tune.” – Wayne Dyer

What you’re tuned in to is your abundance.

Have you noticed that who complains most of illness is who has them in greater abundance? And who talks most about football is who takes more pleasure from it? Who speaks most of wealth is who is richer? and who talks most about abandonment is who is more abandoned? Love, beloved, health, healthy, etc..

When you tune in you create abundance.

This goes for things that fit you and the things that hinder you. Tune in with health, happiness, prosperity, fulfillment, instead of focusing on scarcity, disease, abandonment, slavery.

You now answer: “You speak well. The problem is that if someone has a toothache that is really agonizing it’s difficult to talk about something else or focus attention on something other than the damn pain.” True.

Knowing also that if you entertain yourself with other things the pain becomes more bearable, focus your efforts on finding a good dentist open at this time of night, annoy, disturb move heaven and earth until you get your solution.

When you find it you will see that you have placed a goal in your mind and then all the energies on that goal. A toothache went to second or third plane and the search itself was already the beginning of the solution.

Of course you can always stay home, truly suffering, complaining of how your toothache is horrible and the bloody dentists didn’t solve the problem a year ago when you went there.

Might as well also complain of the national health system that is a misery and excess taxes paid “for nothing” and the lack of money for you to go to a decent dentist.

Do this and you’ll tune in with poverty and scarcity and will get plenty, yes, the a…bun … ance, as much of one thing as another.

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