A while ago I told my wife, Melissa (video below) to buy all those things that were in her throat, the result of so many desires accumulated for years and years of difficulty.

She bought.

  • Bought computers for the whole family, because one would not start, another turned itself off and most of us (we are 5 at home) did not even have one.
  • Bought a new chair with massage for my mom and a huge plasma tv for her to see the programs she likes. Her bones already plague much less now.
  • To my mother-in-law she offered the dream trip of decades, Rome. Months later she still talks about it with a special glow in her eyes.
  • Bought a new refrigerator. I could have bought a car with the price of the refrigerator.
  • He also bought two cars because they were lacking here in the family (we had no car).

All this was done within a week, bought and paid for. When she told me, still with a sense of guilt mixed with extreme joy, that “maybe I spent too much money” I reassured her saying that on my best day I had won $ 10,500 and that she had failed to spend all of that.

This is going to have to be enough for the rest of the week. Stretch stretch stretch until it works. But making a meal for twelve with one chicken is not easy, but it’s possible, and it’s good.

So now, when I’m cooking a meal, I can just use the chicken breasts and we’re all having chicken breasts today! I don’t have to be strtching that chicken right to the bone because it’s going to be enough for all of us to eat.

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