” A good actor is good because he reads, rereads, repeats reading and repeats repetition of reading the script so he himself becomes the script.” – Bob Proctor

Imagine that your life is a movie. Not that “it could be” a movie but ” is a movie”. You are the main actor but didn’t write the script. You’re not a writer, you’re an actor. However, as you are the main character, you are given the possibility to choose a script among thousands. Better yet, you can pass from one script to another at your leisure, even if the story loses continuity.

In fact it’s these surprises that turn a boring story, into an interesting story.

The fact is, changing the script or not, redefining or not a new path in your life, it was not you who wrote it.

Your options do not include writing , only choice.

That’s why your life will never be exactly 100 % like you could dream it. It was written for all humanity, not just for you .

What you have to do is interpret it with your talent. Give it life on screen, lend it a body and a soul.

This also means that you weren’t born taught how to live. You were born, but you weren’t born an experienced actor. That’s why you need to go learn to live and do this in trial and error, study, practice, and modeling (following models).

You need to decide the course of history and how you will play your role.

How do you do that ? Choosing your script, repeating , repeating repeating until it becomes one with you.

That’s what you do , even unconsciously: repeating a script. The only problem is that for most people, and maybe for you too, that script was not chosen, it was the first one that appeared. You think it is inevitable, that there is nothing you can do, but I come to tell you that is not so.

You can choose the end of your story and turn of events.

As I explained, you can not control the wind: you can not write your own script, but you can ajust the sails: you can choose which script to follow. Choose one that includes: health, personal fulfillment, love, comfort and challenges.

Then repeat it until it and you become one.

This has a name: Happiness.

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