Among all jobseekers youngsters have the most difficulty.

Some young people wait, wait for someone to bring them a job, others, while seeking, detect alternatives and create a Plan B.

More than 20% of the unemployed are under 30 years old. A large part of them are recent graduates who left school and still have no job. It is already known as generation “no-no”. No job, no work. They live at home with their parents, do not have stable incomes and spend time waiting for better days.

This is a reality throughout the Western world in crisis. Yet many young people and many not so young, decided not to wait for the job or for improvements in the economy and take life into their own hands. They are the new entrepreneurs.

These new entrepreneurs are no longer 100% dependent on a job, using the old performance model based on residual income with a few hours of daily work.

In a traditional business it’s required a high capital, facilities, equipment, staff, etc.. In a business in Network Marketing none of this is needed. It is a business based on networks of relationships, a bit like social networks, that bring together people with common interests.

It is worth investigating this plan B. For many people, more than 100 thousand in Portugal and over 5 million in Brazil, this work complements the form of income from employment, who has it, and is the only source of income for many thousands.

For you does residual income make any sense? It’s something you’d be interested in? I really value your opinion.

Rui Gabriel

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