Earning a small fortune and getting your life back is something that doesn’t have a price.


I made a big decision, that I should have done earlier, which was, from the middle of May, start working full-time with Empower and the Lazy Millionaires.

For 27 years we’ve been tradicional entrepreneurs, and on the last business that we opened we invested about 450.000 euros. Next to what we invest with the Lazy Millionaires and Empower, my God, this is a drop in the ocean right? But it’s really been worth it. I got my husband back with a lot of joy of living and that, there is no money that can buy that. While I still can’t dismiss my traditional business, I will with a lot of pleasure work 12, 13, 14h so that we can do this business at 100% and get back the lifestyle that we already had and were used to having. And it’s Empower and the Lazy Millionaires, this wonderful family, that will help us get there.

I always fought a lot, and I always believed that it was through a tradicional business that I would make it. Specially when we made this investment, were I put in everything I had already earned including my house, because I was convinced that I was going to make it. When the Lazy Millionaires and Empower showed up, I already knew Sílvio and Rui, I loved to hear Rui speak, but I identified more with Sílvio because of the way he spoke. They are both different and they both complement eachother. But when I heard Silvio speak for the first time and the way he spoke, I said “This is it. This person who is talking thinks just like me.”  What he said, word by word, I could identify myself with, and still today I identify myself with him a lot. Putting it simply, when I though that I was a very dinamic business owner, that I had a vision, after I met these two gentlemen, and now I know even more people but mainly these two, when I met them and started absorbing what they talked about my life started to change a lot. And it’s been important to be together in the events, he’s actually my sponcer but I don’t nag him much, now do I? But what happens is that it’s so important what we take advantage of, that we grow in every level, not just phisical and financial but our personal development. And things that I though I was right about, I came to the conclusion that I was being a big wussy. Instead of getting in on the 21st of November, I should have listened to what Sílvio said at the time, I should have followed everything he said and I didn’t. So I highly advise that, your sponsers, specially if they’re All In, they know what they’re doing and they know what they’re saying and your should strictly follow what they say. That’s how you’ll get success, in another way you can’t get the results that you want.

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