"Democracy does not guarantee equality of living conditions – only equality of opportunity." – Irving Kristol

I'm at an age where I've seen some things of interest happening in the world. I lived in a dictatorship and a revolution, followed the Cold War and the fall of the wall, the ability to record TV in beta, the first mobile phone, the birth of personal computers and the Internet, the Gulf wars, globalization, I don't know how many economic crises and periods of prosperity and so many other things at the social, political, religious.

One thing seems to be true: the egalitarian society is a myth, and it seems to be a pernicious myth because it erases the individual, freedom and merit.

When, mandatorily, we all have the same conditions of life, regardless of the merits and needs of each, there is no longer freedom. Of course there may be a more or less egalitarian society if it's withdrawn of freedom, the question is whether this equality is a value greater than freedom.

While egalitarian society is a myth, equal opportunities is a necessity. It represents the freedom of initiative, the reward of merit, individual effort, personal development, the pursuit of the dream.

With equal opportunities and freedom of choice and action, comes social responsibility and the experience of mankind as a brotherhood. Sharing results, personal and social development.

Maybe here's a nice way of living, you never know until you try.


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