“I’m just a lost hiker who fear getting lost.” – Augusto Cury

If you think a bit, you’ll find some situations in which you were faced with a decision. And you’ll also discover that you have chosen the easy way out, the one you knew wouldn’t bring you any surprises.

That day, you went backward, walked in a circle. You could have chosen the path not yet traveled and, this way, expand your territory, but you came back to the backyard of your house.

When the world was unknown, the first explorer who discovered a territory could claim it as their own. Beacuse wealth is measured in land, there were many explorers who were immensely rich. However this rule didn’t stop being in effect  it is a universal law: the territory you discover is yours.

So imagine you’re faced with two options. One takes you to the unknown, the other keeps you in your comfort zone. You’ll want to stay on the land you already know. It’s natural. But the option of the unknown will increase your territory. Don’t forget that all the territory that you reach is yours.

This is how all learning and personal development is done: challenging our own limitations, fears, insecurities and expanding its territory, increasing the area of your comfort zone.

Now I’ll tell you the secret for you to overcome the fear of the unknown: it is impossible for you to get lost. Any place where you stop is just another part of your house that you are discovering. You are a true explorer who discovers himself.

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