“If we are good because we are afraid of punishment or hope for reward, then we are a very sad little group.” – Albert Einstein

We learned over the years that people by nature tend to remain in the state they are in. If it is necessary to act it’s usually for fear of the Whip (because they have something to lose) or ambition for the Carrot ( they have something to gain).

If this is your case, then I have to agree with Einstein and call you “sad.” Don’t be upset because we have to be honest and give the right name to things.

Sad because when you run away from pain or look pleasure your focus of attention isn’t other than yourself.

Sad because what today brings you pleasure tomorrow will bring pain and you’re going to keep looking and you don’t really know what to will fill that emptyness inside.

When you act out of a sense of mission, for something bigger than you, bigger than your needs, then you are beginning to reach your true size. When the “I” is not part of your equation, then you will be able to receive all that you ambicion because the universe is generous with those who are generous.

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