Rui e Laura
My daughter and I in Austin, Texas, for the
Empower Network Event

I have a 19 year old daughter who wants to learn traditional Chinese medicine.

Her name is Laura.

To attend this university she needs to pay only in tuition almost a monthly minimum wage.

4 years ago and 2 years ago, two of my older daughters left university and emigrated. As emigrants they went through their difficulties and lived their experiences, but even today I have a sense of failure for not being able to pay for their studies.

Today, after eight months working online with the Lazy Millionaires, I made more money in one day than he earned in a month.

Laura, meanwhile, interrupted her studies for a year to develop her own online business and be able to go wherever she wanted to study, take the course she decided, without even thinking whether it provided her with more or less professional opportunities.

For pure pleasure, for vocation, for willingness to develop.

Laura 1000

By itself, this mentality it is very unusual, but the fact that she is today, after a few months working in the online business, with her schedual, she went to the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and enrolled.

And she did it TODAY! So today is an important day for me.

She has money for everything, earned by herself in her part-time online. She will need more than 10 000 euros just to keep studying, and she has half of that money already, fruit of her labor in a few months. The rest is already on the way through the commissions she earns every day.

Meanwhile, one of my emigrant daughters, Bia, returned to Portugal, is also working online and her money (finally) if enough for everything. I almostb have my family back thanks to Empower Network and the Lazy Millionaires.

Laura wrote a post on her blog. It thrilled me. I am immensely happy for everything that is happening in our family and I could not be more grateful.

Thank you all, and thank you for reading and letting me inspire you through our history.

Rui Gabriel

PS: Let’s talk very seriously.

Some people do not progress in life and do not give it their families what they deserve because they are wussies and only because they are like complaining more than moving.

It is not your case, otherwise you would have already gone a long time ago and you would not be here now.

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But you need not pay a fortune. You can start were we all got started:
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