“Every time that, on your journey, you find a fork in the road, follow it.”

One of the great attitudes of progress is the attitude of addition, of sum.

You naturally tend to choose between one thing and another. To that you call freedom of choice. When you follow your life, you have your rhythm, your routine, and you need or you want to change something, your first inclination is to swap the new for something you already have.”Oh, it’s difficult to start doing exercise because I need time to work,” or “I don’t diet because I love to eat good things,” or “I can’t take this chance because I’ve been too busy.”

In all these cases, the sentences that seem to make so much sense, don’t actually make any. 99.9% of the time they’re just excuses for not having to get out of their comfort zone.

Why not add instead of replacing?

Don’t have time to exercise because you have to work, maybe you can do both at the same time, or maybe you can change the workout time with television time (put the exercise bike in front of the TV and have both the same time). Maybe you can take your bike to work or walk. Anyway, use your imagination and ability to solve simple problems.

Don’t diet because you like a lot of good things to eat? Great. Never stop eating them. But find a way to balance both: limit those “good things” to once a week, for example. You’ll appreciate them even more. Include a good amount of water and fruits and vegetables in your day-to-day diet. Rather than thinking about exchanging tasty food for weight loss, think that you will join both: add instead of replacing.

You can’t take advantage of an opportunity because you’re too busy? Learn to add up. Give yourself one or two hours a day, interspersed in your schedule, where you can develop this opportunity.

The circumstances in our life in which we really have to make choices are very rare. Over 90 % of the time we can have both.

Don’t be taken in the delusion that you are limited because usually you’re not, at least, not as much as you think you are.

Although, at first glance it seems impossible, most of the time you can really follow the fork in the road.

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