“I do not fear Satan not even half as much as I fear those who fear him.” – St. Teresa of Avila

I would say that I fear more those who are afraid of the crisis than I fear any crisis.

I keep away from them whenever possible for fear that they’ll boil and be contagious and I know that my worst enemy is not Satan, nor the crisis, it’s fear.

If he commands you stay paralyzed and become all your fears reality.

– I prefer to see the bright side of the crisis, the side of change, growth.

– I prefer to see how the circumstances are impulses that compel us to take a step forward, to take risks, to achieve victories and defeats, to evolve as people at all levels: social, economic, emotional, physical and intellectual.

Do not let the fearful infect you.

Fear them and stay away from them.

On the other hand seek the company of those who is fearless and positive because, if he’s not crazy, he’s brilliant.

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