“We have ten times more bacteria than human cells living in our bodies.” – Bonnie Bassler

Your body has 1 trillion cells and is home to 10 trillion bacteria. If we think of DNA, which is what matters most, and not the number of cells, you have 30,000 human genes inside you, but three million (3,000,000) bacterial genes fulfilling some sort of role in your body.

The human body is a complex and complete system that integrates more cells and more alien DNA than itself. We are only 10% human, if we count the proportion of the number of cells, but if the count is the ratio of DNA we are human only 1%.

Yet we call ourselves human and think of ourselves as individuals, autonomous, separate from nature. Yet without these 10 trillion bacteria we would die. They are what digest our food, produce vitamins and that cover every millionth of a millimeter of exposed tissue, mucous and skin, to protect us from attacks by external agents.

I don’t know what this might mean for you. I just think that to be successful as a species and as individuals, we must embrace the 1% human and also the 99% alien. Being independent individuals also means being interdependent, or else we will be corpses.

Your social life, work, financial, relationships are an exact copy of this system. What looks like a detail is actually not, what look like it was only in the way, was a actually a vital element. We need to embrace everything that concerns our life. What looks perfect and what seems alien because all that is us and all these are things that make us the amazing beings we are.

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